Lucifer: 10 questions fans are still asking after the finale

LuciferThe finale of is considered by fans to have primarily linked the storylines and character arcs of the series. Most of the remaining plot threads were tied, and many characters got a satisfying ending – even those who hadn’t been seen for some time, like Charlotte Richards.

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This does not mean that everything is solved forever, however. In the series’ vast cosmic and biblical universe, there is still a wide range of potentials, especially since most of the characters are either immortal or receive eternal life after death. As such, some fans can’t help but have questions about the characters, the universe, and more, even after the finale.

ten What will the demons do?

Lucifer asserts his authority over the demons of Hell in Lucifer

In Lucifer, demons are reasonably content with their fate in the life of hell executioners. Sent to aid Lucifer by their mother Lilith, they turned their sadistic and amoral impulses in large part to cause the suffering of damned souls doomed to endure their worst guilt for eternity.

The last major revelation of Lucifer is that the main character was never meant to be a torturer, but rather some sort of therapist. Lucifer now talks to the damned souls after going through their curls and helps them make different choices to absolve themselves of their guilt. As these souls leave Hell, it is unclear what the demons – already shown to be aggressive and rebellious – will do.

9 What will happen with God and the goddess?

God and Goddess Reconcile in Lucifer

After being last seen in the Season 2 series, God’s former bride, known as the “Goddess,” is briefly reintroduced into history when God decides to be reconciled with her and live. in the new universe she created. While that sounds like a happy ending, it might not be so clear.

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God and the Goddess were once married and happy. Yet the relationship largely broke off on its own once God created mankind, leading the Goddess to be confined to Hell. As such, some fans are wondering if the same will happen, simply continuing an unfortunate cycle through different universes.

8 Can Lucifer and Chloe stay happy?

Lucifer Morningstar reunites with Chloe Decker in Hell Lucifer

The finale manages to turn a character’s death into a happy ending scene. After dying of old age – at the end of a long and fulfilling life – Chloe goes to the afterlife. As she is not burdened with guilt, Amenadiel must bend the rules to allow her to enter Hell. Now, Chloe can be with Lucifer – currently a benevolent guardian – for all eternity.

Much of the drama of the show has come from the friction between Lucifer and Chloe and their romance. While there is no doubt that their love for each other or that much of their drama is due to external causes, they were both more than able to anger the other by them. themselves. With forever ahead of them, fans can only hope they don’t drive another wedge between them.

seven Why the hell did he stop needing a director?

Lucifer seated atop the throne of hell in Lucifer

Before Lucifer achieves his true goal, he briefly returns to Earth to deal with Michael’s impersonation after a thousand years of returning to act as the King of Hell. Once there, however, he is informed that he can stay because “Hell no longer needs a guardian.” “

Given that Lucifer only returned to appease his demons, and not because of cosmic laws, it is unclear what could have changed to ensure that hell did not need a guardian. This is one of the few questions explicitly raised by the show that remains totally unanswered. However, he is essential to the development and achievements of Lucifer in Seasons 5 and 6.

6 What will Charlie’s life be like?

Linda and Amenadiel's son, Charlie Lucifer

Before the events of Lucifer, there is no nephilim – half angel, half human – in existence. Instead, beings are seen as an impossibility. Chloe’s brief gain in powers and Amenadiel’s time as a human allows for the birth of two of these children – Chloe and Lucifer’s Rory and Amenadiel and Linda’s Charlie.

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Audiences have a sense of Rory’s life, but Charlie’s is much less clear, with only symbolic mentions. Every angel seen in the series has a set goal in Heaven to occupy their immortality, but the same is not true for Charlie. As such, there is a world of possibilities for him.

5 How will Maze react to Eve’s death?

Mazikeen and Eve together and happy in Lucifer

One of the major relationships in the back half of the series is that of the demon Mazikeen and the Bible Vigil. Although she returns to Earth to find Lucifer, she ends up falling in love with Mazikeen, and the two marry despite some difficulties.

One of those struggles is that Mazikeen, as a demon, wants Eve to become immortal to stay with her forever. Eve doesn’t want to. While they are able to reconcile this, and although Maze obtains a soul, it is still suggested that she is immortal and Eve is not. As such, the question remains how Maze – who struggles with abandonment – will deal with it when Eve dies.

4 What does Rory do after forgiving Lucifer?

Aurora 'Rory' Morningstar Showing Off Her Deadly Wings In Lucifer

The main plot of Season 6 involves Lucifer trying to reconcile with his daughter from the future after her future himself vanished before she was born and left her to be raised on her own. He ultimately does so by saving her life in the finale and dissuading her from becoming like the devil herself.

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As Rory’s life was mostly spent – after her mother’s death – in revenge on Lucifer, it leaves her eternal future open. Since she can travel between Earth, Heaven and Hell, she can just join her family, but fans have no indication.

3 Is Michael capable of redemption?

Evil Michael in Heaven Lucifer

Archangel Michael, introduced in the fifth season of Lucifer, is one of the most hateful villains in the entire series. He spends millennia isolating God and Lucifer to ensure that when the time comes he is able to take control of Heaven and sets out to ruin Lucifer’s life through wickedness.

After their final showdown, Lucifer leaves his brother alive, chopping off his wings and letting him serve in Heaven instead. It is suggested that Lucifer thinks Michael may be able to redeem himself and that this is a potential intrigue, but nothing ever comes of it. Michael’s role after that is superficial at best, and the show ends with the hanging question.

2 How will Amenadiel deal with his role as God?

Amenadiel taking over the role of God in the Lucifer finale

Amenadiel undergoes some of the greatest amounts of character development of anyone in Lucifer, is matched only by Mazikeen and Lucifer himself. He goes from an antagonistic and devout figure to one who is ultimately worthy of God’s position.

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Although Amenadiel is one of the most moral and respected characters on the show, his time as God can still struggle. He is fallible despite his wisdom, and the Heavenly Host is more like an army of siblings bickering over their own agendas. As such, there can be countless struggles that the public is not aware of.

1 Can Chloe see her friends in the afterlife?

Chloe finds Lucifer in hell for eternity Lucifer

Although the series’ main relationship is between Lucifer and Chloe Decker, the series tells a whole bunch of friends. The whole group comes closer to one another through their association with Lucifer and the events they all witness. These friendships become a surrogate family for Chloe until the end of her life, noted to help her raise her second daughter, Rory.

When Chloe dies, she voluntarily goes to Hell to be with Lucifer. The events of the series suggest that the other characters are likely to go to Heaven, live there, or reach it as the afterlife. As such, it’s unclear whether Chloe can go between Heaven and Hell or if she is cut off from her other loved ones forever.

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