Machine Gun Kelly Gets Ripped For NBA All-Star Game Intro

The 2022 NBA All-Star Game aired live from Cleveland last night and Ohio-native Machine Gun Kelly introduced one of the competing teams, but his intro didn’t get the best reception from fans. viewers.

On Sunday night (February 20), MGK welcomed Team Durant to the field, but in doing so many of his jokes seemed to fall flat.

The rapper-turned-rocker chose to give props to those who help the city thrive instead of naming famous Cleveland celebrities. However, it wasn’t the part of his introduction that received what appeared to be whispers from the crowd.

MGK, who was dressed in a dazzling two-piece set of gemstones, said: “Okay, look, I’m not a great basketball player… OK, I’m not even a good basketball player, but I stole all of the Affinity Stones…so LeBron, if you need me, I can probably run something off the half court while I’m wearing this tonight. I’ll be happy to go out.”

The short dialogue didn’t garner much engagement and soon after, MGK handed things over to DJ D-Nice, who was on the decks before Team Durant hit the ground.

People on Twitter, however, made sure to air their thoughts on Machine Gun Kelly, saying he wasn’t funny and needed to get off the stage.

“Please get MGK off the stage! He’s WACK AF! Where’s his daddy EMINEM!!” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Holy shit get MGK off the stage bro..”

A third person typed: “Get that nerdy asshole off the stage, bro lmfao
This is mgk???”

Twitter got no punches coming in for MGK at the NBA All-Star Game, but check out his introduction to Team Durant for yourself below.

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