MCCLUNG: The word of God is the best scenario for a successful life | Religion

Decades ago, during the “golden age” of radio, when people gathered around their sets to listen to sporting events – just as they do now with television – a national radio network came into being. interviewed a well-known jockey. He was supposed to ride the favorite horse in a big race, but the jockey was injured.

The broadcast crew gathered in his hospital room to interview him, but since he was known to have no filter on his vocabulary, the channel gave him a script. He understood the questions to ask and the answers to give, word for word.

At a crucial point in the interview, a reporter asked him what advice he would give to the jockey who had to ride in his place. For some reason the scripts fell to the ground, but the question had been asked. So, the jockey improvised, including an inappropriate four-letter word. There was no “eight second delay” for engineers to sound the offensive word, so it was aired for everyone to hear.

The jockey was out of the script.

In fact, much of life goes without a script. At this time of year, what script do squirrels follow when they start picking nuts for the winter? Who tells the birds to head south before the snow blows away? Who prompts other animals to enter their dens or burrows and prepare for a long winter nap?

You could say they do it instinctively. It is an innate script, written invisibly in their inner being. But there is no script that we can see.

The apostle Paul suggested that God has a script, a pattern, for our lives. He said, “I laid a foundation as a wise builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one must build carefully ”(1 Corinthians 3:10 NIV). He later mentioned that “the quality of each person’s work” will be tested (3:13).

The Bible is the best script for a successful life. Let’s do our best to stay on the script and build our lives carefully.