MGM / UA Brings New No Time to Die Music Videos and Titles Announcements


Presentation of the state of industry, MGM and AU at CinemaCon got off to a rough start. The lights went out and the music went out… and nothing happened. And then nothing kept happening because utter darkness and silence is exactly the right metaphor for the theater industry these days. They ended up making it work and we had our state of the industry presentation. The theater industry does not go without a fight, and despite everything that has happened over the past year, they are truly optimistic for the future. While you wouldn’t expect anyone to say the benefits of streaming in front of theater owners, it looks like hybrid release won’t be the new normal. At least not for all versions. We’re going to have to see what kind of your Warner Bros. and Universal will adopt during their presentation. Disney has completely calmed down, so we won’t hear what they have to say at all.

CinemaCon 2021. Credit: Denz

Finally, we moved on to the MGM and UA portion of the presentation. They began by briefly presenting the The Addams Family 2, Maison Gucci, and Cyrano. The footage from the first two were all things we’ve seen before, but the footage from Cyrano was a first look. We have two major musicals opening in December, so it’s going to be interesting to see who wins. Looks like it could be good; Joe wright knows its way around a period piece. The only worrying thing was that they didn’t seem to show a single star image Peter Dinklage sing in fact. I’m not familiar with this source material, so we’ll have to see.

Then MGM moved on to slate 2022, which has a lot going on. We obtain Dog with and co-directed by Channing Tatum, and it looks like it could absolutely destroy some people. The film that drew the most crowd reactions was Samaritan. A new Sylvester stallone starring a movie with an aging superhero coming out of the woodwork. There was a brutal fight scene at the end involving a big hammer which looks a lot of fun. Finally, the black comedy that debuted at Sundance is called On the count of three. It’s about two friends who make a suicide pact and what to do with their last day.

From there we had a huge title dump from so many filmmakers and a great joke from MGM that said, “We’re going to tell you about. that of Paul Thomas Anderson new movie once he told us what it’s about, “which, well done. There was something Georges miller call Three thousand years of desire, David Slade brings us Dark harvest, George clooney lead again with Saint Jean, and a bunch of others that I probably missed.

No Time To Die Latest Bond Trailer Reveals Key Characters, More Plot
Daniel Craig as Agent 007 James Bond in No Time to Die (2020). Image courtesy of MGM

Finally, MGM and UA closed the presentation by showing us a clip of about 10 minutes of No time to die. They swore from top to bottom that it would be released in October and also said it was indeed Daniel craigthe last movie of. The clip was part of the car scene we saw in the trailers, and judging by the few story points we got, it looks like it’s near the start of the movie. It opened up with Bond waking up from what looked like a car crash on the ground. He tries to make a call, but he can’t hear, and neither can we. A car tries to run over him and he comes off the bridge with the rope. He fights a henchman who mentions Madeleine. Bond manages to come back to her and forcefully asks her if she is a traitor. She insists she isn’t and Bond wants to know how they found out he was here. She has no answers.

They get into the car from the trailers and start making their way through town. Madeleine receives a phone call that literally displays the Specter logo as the caller ID. The voice on the other end of the line says that she is like her father and that his sacrifice will be appreciated. The car is finally surrounded and they start shooting at it. Bond remains indifferent as Madeleine begs him to do something. He eventually gave in and used the guns in the headlights. The clip ends roughly there, and we have to say that MGM probably made the right call by picking this one up for the big screen.

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