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It was in the middle of winter, while I was doing my Sunday jog in the Geneva countryside, that I saw this book. Not just for this one, but for an entire collection up to 2030 – ten volumes at a time! Those who have already seen the very first The Millennium Watch Book, released in 2020, will find a rather different approach here. This first volume, released on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of GMT Magazine and the WorldTempus website (which belongs to our publishing house), offered an overview of watchmaking in the third millennium in its entirety. At the time, no sequel or series was envisaged, but thanks to the very enthusiastic reception of its first readers and to the experience we acquired by realizing it, the collection was born. The 2020 edition has now become “Volume 0”, making this book the next in the series, Volume 1. Each year of the next decade will have its own volume and theme – a first in watch literature. contemporary. The year 2021 marks the 220th anniversary of the invention of the tourbillon. Over the past two decades, tourbillons have become a true phenomenon of fine watchmaking, so it is only natural that this year’s Millennium Watch Book is entirely devoted to them. We have assembled our experts to focus on this particularly demanding subject, and they have worked hard to present all aspects of tourbillons, constantly striving to distill all essential information on developments in the field since 2000, as well as a brief but important historical overview. Once again, the desire to pass on the authors’ knowledge goes hand in hand with an aesthetic dimension which aims to infuse roughly the same pleasure as that experienced by lovers of beautiful watches when they see and touch these timepieces. fantastic. Our hope is that as a result, readers can even feel a little like themselves like a whirlwind, overcoming the ill effects of gravity and turning into happiness …

* This year, GMT Magazine and WorldTempus have embarked on the ambitious project of summarizing the last 20 years of the Tourbillon in The Millenium Watch Book – Tourbillons, a large, beautifully laid out tabletop book. This article is an excerpt. The Millenium Watch Book – Tourbillons is available on, in French and in English.

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