Minnesota movie theaters stay open and sell popcorn

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What does an owner of a government-closed cinema do in the midst of the Covid pandemic? They sell movie theater popcorn! The motto of this couple is: “When life throws you grains, make popcorn”.

What does a movie theater owner do in the midst of the Covid pandemic when he can’t show movies in theaters? They sell movie theater popcorn!

And so that’s exactly what the owners of the Millennium Theater in Minnesota did when all theaters were suddenly closed last year due to the pandemic. They added a commercial style kitchen to prepare the movie style popcorn to sell to their customers. (Source)

The backstory …

Erich and Jayme Winter bought the Millennium Theater in 2017. However, they barely finished remodeling and improving it when Covid forced all theaters to close.

So what to do when the cinema is closed and no customers are allowed in?

Bring them the popcorn!

They came up with the idea of ​​selling popcorn on weekends through a popcorn hotline, then took orders over the phone. The first night they sold 50 bags and provided curbside delivery service to their customers.

Apparently the word got around because the following night there were orders for 170 bags.

Last summer, they installed an ephemeral drive-in in their parking lot.

Today, they make over 60 flavors of popcorn.

They also had the good idea to sell gift packs of their popcorn for holiday gifts to their loyal customers.

Ultimately, their goal is to sell it in local supermarkets and convenience stores as well as the Millennium Theater.

This is American entrepreneurship at its best

Joe Wolpin from Fundraising Zone (website), helps schools raise funds through popcorn fundraising programs. He tells us it was a smart idea for the Millennium Theater because of America’s love affair with popcorn. He says, “The average American eats up to 68 gallons of popcorn each year. Local communities like those in Minnesota love to support small businesses like this. “

Wolpin continues, “This is also why popcorn is such a great holiday gift. Moreover, this is the reason why schools, churches and sports teams and even a arts council organize annual popcorn fundraisers.

He concludes: “I wish the Winter family all the best in the world. “

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