New Garden City history book available at the library

“Garden city: the first 150 years” by Constantine E. Theodosiou and Emmanuel C. Theodosiou

Garden city: the first 150 years

By Constantine E. Theodosiou and Emmanuel C. Theodosiou,

Foreword by Garden City resident and village historian William A. Bellmer

The Father-Son History Team Constantine E. and Emmanuel C. Theodosiou are proud to offer this topical photo to honor Garden City’s 150th anniversary. William A. Bellmer is currently Garden City Village Historian and Archivist. Mr. Bellmer, as the author notes, “was their friendly guide through the nooks and crannies of Garden City’s past.”

Garden City was designed by textile mogul Alexander Turney Stewart, who purchased the last of the treeless Hempstead Plains to build his village. Garden City would become the Eden of Long Island, a community for people with refined tastes but who believed in a virtuous life. Thanks to his devoted wife, Cornelia Clinch Stewart, Stewart’s legacy continued with the creation of the iconic Cathedral of the Incarnation and the Saint-Paul and Saint-Marie cathedral schools. The Garden City Company subsequently ensured that Garden City would remain a great place to live and raise a family. But there is more. Aside from its distinguished reputation, Garden City has shown the whole country that it can achieve a higher goal as well, playing a vital role in Long Island’s golden age of aviation and during the First World War with the formation of Camp Mills. With so much history to draw from, Garden City is a community like no other, a proud product of extraordinary heritage.

The Garden City Public Library is pleased to announce that several copies of this book are available for customers to borrow. As you read Garden city: the first 150 years you will be drawn to the 238 images of Garden City village in the past and the history that accompanies each image. Published by Arcadia Publishing known for its Images of America series which celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns and cities across the county.

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