No rain for 57 days, Kol witnesses longest drought in millennium | Kolkata News

Calcutta: Without rain for 57 days, the city is in the grip of the longest drought of this millennium. Don’t expect any immediate respite from the scorching hot as the Met office hasn’t observed any rain so far. The heat wave will continue to prevail in Kolkata.
“There is a chance for improvement after April 29 as we expect favorable weather conditions which may trigger thunderstorm activities around May 2. Before then, the city will continue to stagger under the heat wave condition,” said Sanjib Bandyopadhyay, Deputy Managing Director. meteorology at the Regional Meteorological Center (RMC) in Kolkata.
From 39.5 degrees Celsius on Monday, the maximum temperature dropped to 37 degrees on Tuesday. But in the absence of rain, the city will continue to feel the intense heat, Met officials said.
“This is the longest drought the city has seen since 2000. Already there is a 95% rainfall deficit in South Bengal. Maximum temperature has dropped in Kolkata due to weak westerly wind in lower levels and increased humidity in coastal areas,” said GK Das, Director (Weather) at RMC.
According to data from the Met office, the longest summer drought before 2022 was in 2006, when the city did not receive a drop of rain for 43 days between March and April. Meteorologists said extreme activity is on the rise and the global warning could be one of the causes.
“For example, in March itself there were two non-seasonal deep low pressure systems over the Bay of Bengal and now no norwester/thunderstorm activity for such a long time. These are not entirely normal weather conditions added Bandyopadhyay.
According to meteorologists, under normal conditions at that time, there should have been regular formation of anticyclonic circulations over the Bay of Bengal and also cyclonic circulation/trough formation over Chhotanagpur area. But such weather systems are absent so far, which prolongs the drought period.
Kolkata is now going through a dry and hot spell with no moisture in the air. This sent the Discomfort Index soaring, which has remained above 60 for over a week now.
Eleven localities in nine boroughs were under a heat wave on Tuesday. The highest maximum temperature across the state was 43.5 degrees Celsius – in Panagarh.