One more! Barcelona sees another canterano pass through the f …

Rafinha Managed without penalty or glory by Barcelona, something distinct from what Thiago reached in Bayern and now Liverpool. Now that he does not enjoy the minutes he wants, values ​​the exit as given to the Real Sociedad, returning to Spanish football in medo of a list of players who also wants in the club.

The movement will lead to cession and this prejudices of indirect form to the Barcelona, that despite not having the player’s record, he himself could have won a large sum of money thanks to the agreement made when giving him the letter of freedom, ensuring 35% of possible traspasos, in addition to other variables at this time.

PSG and Real Sociedad advance in negotiations so that the player arrives in Spain, return to football in which he started his explosion and which has minutes, something that does not offer him a direct form but with the rotations that come in January will be more than obvious who will end up being one of the important players for this season.

With in Barcelona enveloped in unexpected signatures and the return of his idols, the possibility of playing with connoisseurs of his philosophy and his requirement enters into the planning such as Dani Alves and after Alexis sanchez, this seems to have been a lie generated by certain sectors to liven up the market.

Beside Rafinha could arrive more players for the Real Sociedad and thus relaunch the dynamic of the start of the season, when it pleaded the leadership and finally fell into the physical distance of a Real Madrid it comes like a train and does not die with direct rivals at least in the first round of competition.

They follow by escaping

The players of the golden age of the Barcelona and which are still in activity, have separated as in the case of Thiago Alcantara, it is not in its best version in Liverpool and nevertheless it does not seem to have to change of club, even when the supply takes revenge on the part of the club in which it formed in its youth. This list could be added to Rafinha.