Op-Ed: ‘The Fatigue of Stupidity’ – The Demand of Ignorance Against an Unforgiving Reality

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi took up newspaper advertising space to promote his campaign for the presidency – © MIA Recoveries/AFP/File

One of my most recent caveats is “There’s no such thing as aging – It’s the fatigue of stupidity”. I finally tied this helpful claim to ignorance, using another well-known saying, “Who needs it?”, which is a definitive idea in marketing and advertising.

About who needs what, just read the headlines every day. Try to rate the “need” meaningfully based on the horrors included. It is difficult to assess this market due to ignorance.

I tried to create a situation where people get paid to read the news, as a sort of balance. If people only read the news they wanted to read, you could at least get some decent market segmentation. Maybe even PR, that famous excuse for the inexcusable, would pay attention.

Ignorance is a key factor in stupidity. …so who Needs ignoring? It is an expensive luxury item. Especially in a world where topics include impending extinction, various disasters, wars, and rabid 24/7 fanaticism.

how can you be ignorant Actually to be? Yet, without a lot of thoughtful ignorance, you could never sell that crap to anyone. So you have to learn to be ignorant, sell it and believe it.

Ignorance has another problem. It was possible, a long time ago, to be honestly ignorant. Now, honest ignorance is almost impossible. Unless it’s something you haven’t even heard of before, you can’t honestly claim to be ignorant, just illiterate. As if that was an excuse for anything.

Worse – Ignorance had no monetary value. Today, it is a political asset, a must in the financial sector and a global sociological hernia with a touch of migraine. The monetary value of ignorance has skyrocketed. You can make a lot of money by being ignorant. You can form organizations based entirely on ignorance and prosper.

The general necrosis of American politics has only highlighted this situation. It’s not new, or anything like new. Ignorance is sold as self-justified rationality. All the propaganda of the last thousands of years is the epitome of applied ignorance.

The really old theory of “you only see what we want you to see” also worked very well. It has produced more wars and human disasters than anything else. There was a brief hiatus when global education emerged early in the last century. It certainly didn’t last long. Nazism and Communism proved he could still deliver. Hence the current state of modern chimpanzee-like propaganda.

Advertising and marketing have also created a propaganda environment like never before. There is something called ‘normal’ and something called ‘aspiration’. Add these two unlikely things together and you have the Western middle class mindset. Someone says “go fetch”, and you go fetch.

Even better, you can close everything else like any part of your knowledge base. You don’t care about falling fertility rates, water shortages, or toxic foods. The fact that some 300 million Americans get Billions prescriptions filled each year is hardly worth mentioning. That’s thousands of prescriptions, for every man, woman and child. Nothing to see here, of course.

Ignorance has sailed majestically through history as an unassailable institution. Absolute dependence on the ignorance of others remains a basic idea and an ideal.

The modern form of ignorance

Deprivation of information is not ignorance; it is a kind of insurance against ignorance. Missing facts cannot be noticed. The nonexistent logic works. Simplistic causes of disasters are therefore acceptable. You don’t even have to try to be ignorant. This wonderful mechanism does everything for you. We can safely assume that you are ignorant.

Another particularly useful form of ignorance is idealism. In all honesty, this is one of the best options for true ignorance. You can also incorporate any number of lies for your ego or overcompensating needs. Of course, you are a superhero, ready to save the world.

On topic – Now we know what happens when someone has to save the world. Nothing happens at all. Just a thought.

Buy yourself high ideals, then continue to ignore all the facts. Quite simple. You can be an instant avid believer in almost anything, especially if you know nothing at all about any of the topics of those beliefs.

Terminology also helps. As a writer, I’m often very amused by the amount of terminology used to provide no information whatsoever. The usual mechanism is that of instant associative synonyms. These can be buzzwords or slogans, but the effect is the same.

This type of terminology equates anything and everything with good or bad. That’s bozo-level psychology. Any name or name tells you what you’re thinking, and it’s automatic. Great, you. You get to be completely disoriented without even trying.

Examples include:

  • Environment
  • Health
  • Food
  • The water
  • Poverty
  • Injustice
  • Income
  • Taxes
  • Women
  • Children (Anyone remember? I didn’t think so.)
  • Government
  • Quality of life
  • Nation, group or collection of xenophobic lunatics

How much ignorance can you apply to each term? Fun, isn’t it?

Of course there is a problem – the fatigue of stupidity

As happy as all of this sounds, there is a functional problem with ignorance. As you ecstatically ride through another day of pre-programmed hatreds and dislikes at war with anything, you may run into some practical issues.

It seems that twisting reality doesn’t solve any real problem. The appalling state of this orbital sewer sometimes called the world is not going away. Stupid fatigue is just like metal fatigue or stress fatigue.

At a degree of overload, caused by so many decades of bad calls and startling errors, something breaks. Like, perhaps, a society, a democracy, public health, or just basic amenities.

There is another problem that arises mystically from this situation. Ignorance, deliberate or not, is tied at the hip to incompetence. The ignorant, no matter how well paid and revered by many morons, cannot be competent. They are by definition incompetent.

You can ignore the experts and the issues all you want, but misinformation doesn’t stop train wrecks. Useless and avoidable situations pile up like garbage, but ignorance doesn’t help.

The equation is this:

The more lies, stupidity, incompetence and ignorance you tolerate, the worse it gets.

This East your funeral, you know.



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