Orillia Concert Association unveils plan for virtual / live performances

With the potential for continued restrictions on audience capacity, this year’s first two concerts will be virtual but exclusive to Orillia Concert Association subscribers.

As we come to the end of summer, our thoughts turn to fall activities and a new season of wonderful concerts. While COVID is still with us, it looks like more activities will open up in the coming months, including indoor gatherings for theater and concerts.

The Orillia Concert Association (OCA) Board of Directors has put on an excellent concert series for the coming year. We all can’t wait to get back to our usual routines and have the opportunity to enjoy great music.

What will the 2021-2022 season look like for the OCA? The Opera is only open on a limited basis at the moment. With the potential for continued restrictions on audience capacity, this year’s first two concerts will be virtual.

Sinfonia Toronto, an exceptional ensemble of 16 musicians, is recording an exclusive concert for OCA subscribers which will be available for 30 days starting October 23. You can watch and listen to this concert from the comfort of your own home or maybe get together with a few others to share the experience.

The second concert of the season is the incredible Peter Stoll on clarinet / saxophone, and he’s recording a concert for us in St. Andrews here in Orillia. Stoll will be joined by Adam Zukiewica at the piano. This concert will also be available exclusively to OCA subscribers from November 28.

Coming in 2022, Sonic Escape (Maria Millar, violin and Shawn Wyckoff, flute) will return on February 20 for another exceptional and energetic presentation of traditional and original works, all performed with a sense of the fun of everything.

The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry will be giving their second scheduled New Year concert on March 27; in 2017, the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Band, under the name Hamilton Wind Orchestra, was enthusiastically enjoyed by everyone. We bring them back but this time as an RHLI marching band: they will be in full uniform (scarlet tunics) and it will be a real military event.

The Toronto All Star Big Band will end the season next spring with a performance on May 1st. Returning to Orillia after nine years, the Toronto All Star Big Band is one of the most exciting bands around, rekindling the spirit, style and sound of the 1930s, 40s and 50s – that golden age of large groups.

In the hopes that COVID restrictions will decrease in 2022, the last three concerts of this coming year will be in person. We anticipate that masks will still be required and it is possible that anyone attending concerts in person will be fully vaccinated. The Opera has the ability to broadcast the concert live for those who cannot attend in person.

Ticket sales for the upcoming season will begin in September. The entire five concert series will be available for the very low and affordable price of $ 70 and, for former ticket holders, the extraordinarily low price of $ 50.

We hope you can join us for these wonderful performances.

For more information, please call 705-327-0703 or visit the Orillia Concert Association website here.