Paul Butler | Careers and marriages that last

In August my wife and I were married for 27 years and my brother-in-law Richard has worked for his company for 27 years. Richard is also blessed with a good marriage.

Looking at these two milestones, there are many similarities between a long marriage and a long career. Unfortunately, neither is more standard.

Both require loyalty. Both require trust. Both allow the other to grow individually while remaining one. Financially, my wife and I have become stronger through unity. Richard’s salary and allowance increased due to his loyalty. Long-time employees believe the organization will take care of them during their golden years, just as couples can count on each other for help and support.

Take your work home, just like you would at work. I believe that strong relationships and dedicated integrity are good not only for the marriage but also for the workplace. Yes, the two can be one.

Paul Butler is a resident of Santa Clarita and a client partner of Newleaf Training and Development of Valencia ( If you have any questions or comments, please email Butler. [email protected]..

Paul Butler | Careers and marriages that last Paul Butler | Careers and marriages that last