Rare photos of Leeds’ lost shops and monuments before the millennium

Amid the Y2K bug and new beginnings, we go back 21 years and see what Leeds city center looked like just before the turn of the millennium

These photos of downtown Leeds from 1999 act as a time capsule to take you back to a much simpler time.

The turn of the millennium was just around the corner and people had big dreams and ideas for the year 2000.

There was also a lot of concern about the year 2000 problem. Otherwise known as the Millennium Bug – it was claimed that there would be a huge problem with the encoding of internal computer clocks and that it was going to do so. wreaking havoc around the world.

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Some more exaggerated fears suggested that as soon as it was midnight and the clock ticked from 1999 to 2000, the world would begin to end. In the end, not much happened. The only thing people woke up to the next day was a few headaches, but nothing a tall glass of water couldn’t fix.

Here we take a look back in time at these 14 fantastic photos of Leeds city center from 1999.

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