Remember when? : Annual golf tournament honors Soyars, 45 participants

10 years ago

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Commissioners vote to allow display of Utopia – The annual Utopia July 4 fireworks display will take place this year after all, following Monday’s vote by Uvalde County commissioners to exempt the event from restrictions created by a recent declaration of disaster. Milton Gobert, the licensed fireworks operator in charge, approached the commissioners to request the exemption. “I think it’s safe,” said Gobert, adding that the event has taken place for the past 25 years, even with hot, dry conditions, and there has never been a problem. He said the fire chief of the Utopia Volunteer Fire Department approved the event and that Gobert had permits for the explosives. The Utopia Volunteer Fire Department is not directly affiliated with the event. Bandera County, Gobert said, was prepared to authorize the event if all documents were in order. Gobert also said he visited the event site and everything was green and neat.

EAA Takes Historic Action: Uvalde County Under Stage 2 Water Pumping Restrictions – The Edwards Aquifer Authority, for the first time in its history, has declared Stage 2 of its critical period management plan for Edwards groundwater users in Uvalde County, based on a continuing decline in aquifer levels resulting from drought. Stage 2 for Uvalde County means a 5% reduction in pumping for Edwards groundwater licensees who are allowed to withdraw more than three acre-feet per year. … The requirements of Stage 2 apply to municipal, irrigation and industrial Edwards licensees in the Uvalde Pool of Jurisdiction Boundaries, which includes Uvalde County in its entirety. … On June 27, the 10-day moving average water level at the J-27 showing well in Uvalde County fell below the Stage 2 threshold by 850 feet above mean level from the sea, causing step 2.

Sunday 3 July 2011

Prison Construction Nearly Completed – Construction of the new $ 11,981,364 Uvalde County Jail and Justice Center is about 97% complete, County Judge Bill Mitchell said . “The prison is going pretty well,” he said Thursday, adding that the construction superintendent planned to move his trailer off the site this week. The construction site now has electricity and water service, Mitchell said. He expects sewer services to be available within the next 30 days. The county plans to occupy the facility sometime in November.

Annual golf tournament honors 45-time participant Soyars – Over the past 60 years, Bill Soyars, now of Austin, has played 45 July 4 golf tournaments at the Uvalde Memorial Golf Course, competing in the flight of championship for 34 of those years. This year’s tournament is dedicated to Soyars, who has a long history of playing in the annual tournament, now in its 64th year. “A lot of our current tournament players, including myself, have been cadets for Soyars in this tournament at one point or another,” said Edward Treviño, Uvalde Golf Association member. “He’s a great guy and we are delighted to honor him this year. It took Soyars from his first July 4th tournament on the course in 1951 until 1964 to qualify for the championship flight, a feat he has matched every year thereafter, with the exception of a year he was classified in the first flight due to a rule exempting the previous year winner from the championship flight and he missed four years on medical grounds. “The last year I qualified for the championship flight, I was 77 and it was 2003 and I shot 77 and I qualified for the championship,” he said. … “I remember the July 4th Uvalde Golf Tournament being the oldest match play in the state of Texas,” he said, explaining that in match play, golfers play one person in particular hole by hole.

50 years ago

Thursday July 1, 1971

More funds approved for follow-up – An additional grant of $ 317,000 has been approved by the Washington, DC Department of Health, Education and Welfare for the follow-up program in the independent school district of ‘Uvalde. This is in addition to the $ 306,000 approved last week. The announcement of the two grants came from US Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s office in Washington, one on Friday and the other on Monday. Total funds of $ 623,000 cover the Follow Through program for the 1971-72 and 1972-73 school years as well as a summer program for 1972. Follow Through grants provide funds for the operation of a comprehensive program. early elementary education for disadvantaged children who have participated in a Head Start or similar preschool program.

Sunday 4 July 1971

Knippa trap Rock continues to be a commercial and regional landmark – The Late Cretaceous was an interesting time around Uvalde. The Mesozoic era was drawing to a close, the Laramid revolution was at its peak, and the dinosaurs were cashing in their tokens. The land here had been underwater for about a hundred million years, but with the onset of the Eocene epoch, when we mammals were just starting to walk, things really did start to happen. The earth’s crust broke, pushing what is now the Edwards Plateau up to seven hundred feet. … Sixty million years later (in 1913 to be exact) when this material from the bowels of the earth had cooled to basalt, a quarry was started at Knippa. (It’s still the only one west of Missouri.) The mine was recently acquired by White’s Uvalde Mines, which believes the most promising potential use for this material is for slip-resistant pavement. … What happens in this building when the rock is moved, crushed and sorted is difficult to photograph or even describe. Very little light filters through the thick dust, the conveyor buckets move the rock between the crushers and sorters up to the top of the building and then down into deep pits. Simply to say that it is noisy is misleading. The eardrums are overcome, numb. The din made me cringe, my eyes. If I had been bolted rather than glued I think something would have been shaken.


from Leader-News files