Secrets and lies strike the suburbs in new ITV thriller Hollington Drive

Pick of the day: Hollington Drive

9 p.m., ITV

Hollington Drive is one of those new build dead ends that could be anywhere in the UK. It is the home of a blended family with Theresa (Anna Maxwell Martin, again as a exhausted career-motherhood juggler), her second husband Fraser (Rhashan Stone) and their respective children. Theresa’s unhappy sister, Helen (Rachael Stirling), a school principal, lives nearby. And then a neighbor’s child goes missing and Theresa fears her 10-year-old son Ben is somehow involved. Secrets and lies in the suburbs then, and, despite the beaten ground, hopes are high for this four-part drama by Sophie Petzal who wrote this formidable Irish thriller, Some blood.

The Girl with the Colorful Legs – Our Lives

7:30 p.m., BBC One

In 2018, Bernadette Hagans from Belfast was diagnosed with rare joint cancer, as a result of which her right leg was amputated from the knee down and she had to relearn to walk using a prosthetic limb. Despite this, Bernadette felt lucky to just have a chance to live – and within a week of being released from the hospital, she was listed as a professional model. This unique documentary – which is part of the long Our lives strand – follows Bernadette, now 25, as she takes part in a fashion shoot for a national magazine and makes the 2021 Miss Northern Ireland final.

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Location, location, location

8 p.m., Canal 4

Back in a scorching real estate market – and a scorching area to boot (a south London suburb) – real estate duo Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer set out to find a home with two couples who are at different stages of their lives. Like so many buyers after the lockdown, Jess and Zac realized they wanted a decent-sized garden as well as more space inside to work from home. Meanwhile, Rachel and Alan call themselves the oldest first-time buyers in town. Fed up with paying £ 2,000 a month in rent, as you would be, they now want their own house – a place where they can put their own stamp – and turn to Kirstie and Phil for help.

28 Up: Millennial Generation

9 p.m., BBC One

The BBC’s millennial take on Michael Apted’s time-lapse documentary classic returns with the people we first met at the age of seven in 2000 and are now in their 30s. Apted set out to test the aphorism “give me the child until he is seven, the man will show you”. It is indeed remarkable how much of life has turned out as the children themselves originally predicted or wished, whether it was Old Etonian Oliver or Courtney d ‘a residential state of Liverpool. Sanchez was a footballer on the sidelines of the Leeds United squad in 2014, his seven-year-old self predicting a stellar career. He was not entirely wrong, but his star would not rise because of football.

28 Up: Millennium Generation (Photo: BBC / MultiStory Media)

The Blob: a genius without a brain

10 p.m., BBC Four

Wednesday Night on BBC Four is fast becoming the go-to location for the genre of thought-provoking science documentaries that Horizon used to produce 20 years ago. This week’s film follows research by leading scientists into the properties of a billion-year-old single-celled organism that may challenge the concept of intelligent life. Not an animal, plant or fungus, “the blob” is a giant single cell whose amazing abilities – including solving tasks in days that people would take decades to complete – lead pioneering scientists into the whole new world. brainless intelligence.

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