“So far 390 families have asked for help from Covid”

New Delhi: Chief Minister’s Covid-19 Family Financial Assistance Program within three days of launch has received requests from as many as 390 potential beneficiaries, Delhi government’s welfare department said on Sunday in a press release.

The scheme, launched on July 6, saw 220 claimants on July 9 for the pension amount of Rs 2,500 while 170 beneficiaries requested the one-time ex gratia amount of Rs 50,000. While giving the information, the Minister Social Affairs Rajendra Pal Gautam said the data is as of July 9 and as more people are told more and more applications are expected to come in.

A senior official in the welfare department told Millennium Post that officials from the department have started going door-to-door to help people in case they have problems filling out the form or attaching required documents.

The ministry is working to increase awareness of the program and representatives have also been instructed on how to interact with grieving families.

The department, in a statement, said that since the program was launched recently, beneficiaries may take time to gather all the documents. However, in the coming days, the application process will be accelerated.

“Right now we have 390 application forms under this program. But we will not wait for beneficiaries to complete the application form. Our representatives will also help complete the application form by going door-to-door. At this time, we want to help families as soon as possible. Our representatives will not find faults in their documentation, rather they will help the beneficiaries in the documentation process, ”said the Minister.

Under this program, an ex gratia amount of Rs 50,000 per member will be paid to families who have lost a member due to Covid while Rs 2,500 per month will be paid on the death of the breadwinner and Rs 2,500 per month to children up to the age of 25, who have lost both parents. In addition to financial assistance, a member of the affected families will also be enlisted as a civil protection volunteer. Along with this, the Delhi government will also take care of the education and medical care of dependent children.

Applications for the aid program are available on the Delhi government’s portal http://edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in.