So ‘Squid Game’ made you thirsty for Gong Yoo. Now what?

You watched the Squid game slap scene several times. It made you feel things, little vile things. You want to do unspeakable acts for this psychopathic salesperson. You are ready to put yourself down in a way that you never thought possible. Yes, you were a lousy little pervert before, but this man offers to introduce yourself as “just a hole, sir!” And even though you know how humiliating it is to be attracted to a man, here you are begging for a slap in the face. That psycho salesman is Gong Yoo, and baby, you’re sold.

Right now, you are experiencing what is called a Gong Yoo revival – furiously googling photos, videos, anything you can put on your dirty mittens to satisfy that unbridled thirst. And I’m here to make it all worse … much worse.

Before we start, I want to make one thing clear: this post is intended for people who are new to Gong Yoo through Squid game. I know Gong Yoo is a well-known Korean actor from Busan who rose to fame in the early 2000s. I know he established himself as a brilliant performer and a prominent man before. I know this because I am a full professor of Gong Yoo excitement and have done my doctorate. thesis on how it could absolutely ruin my life. But now is not the time to keep Gong Yoo’s boss. Now is the time to welcome a new wave of miserable bitches.

Two things we need to get rid of first: Gong Yoo is 42 years old and six feet tall. If you survived these two facts, you can move on to the next level: watching Gong Yoo in things that are not just Squid game Slapping Scene Fan Edits. Here is a starter pack.

Gong Yoo plays Choi Han-kyul, a spoiled nepotist baby and heir to his grandfather’s coffee company, in this gender-reversing K drama. He meets and befriends Go Eun-chan (played by Yoon Eun Hye), a poor hardworking girl who is a bit of a tomboy. Han-kyul takes her for a boy, and of course, shenanigans follow. Look, is it holding up? Probably not! Is something ?! Gong Yoo had been on a few shows before that but, for me personally, Cafe Prince was my origin story of thirst. It established him as an idol, and it put him on the K-drama map. And for that, he deserves a watch.

Available for streaming on Rakuten Viki

Gong Yoo plays an incredibly hot 939-year-old goblin who spends his immortal life roaming the earth for his goblin bride. Is the Goblin Bride a 19 year old girl? Yes. But I refuse to get involved in the discourse on the age gap. HE A THOUSAND YEARS AND A GOBELIN ?? LEAVE ME ALONE. It’s hands down my favorite K drama of all time. It’s a romance-drama-fantasy with both heart and humor. Gong Yoo is, AndICannotStressThisEnough ™, disrespectful in it. There are a famous scene where he and the Grim Reaper (played by another sexy man, Lee dong-wook) just WALK. This is one of the most exciting things I have ever seen. And yes sure I tweeted about “Goblin ‘up Gong Yoo’s [redacted]. “Do I need to remind you, I am a scholar of her warmth and a deeply ill woman.

Available for streaming on Rakuten Viki

It’s my favorite zombie movie, not just because Gong Yoo wears a costume all the time, fighting for his life. Yes, Gong Yoo is playing a divorcee father who wears a combination, so already it is illegally hot. Anyway, he has to travel with his young daughter (played by Kim Su-an) in Busan, where her mother lives, so that she can spend her birthday with her mother. Spoiler alert: they’re taking a train. And this train is overrun with zombies. It’s a brilliant film that will take you on a mad rush of emotions – mostly scared, excited, and crying – which, like, what more do you need? Again, it is important to remember, he is IN SUIT ALL THE TIME, which will have you to fight for your life. Now, if you are planning to tweet something rude like “Gong Yoo knocks me over with your train to Busan”, don’t. It’s objectifying and disrespectful, and I’ve done it before. A lot.

Alright, alright, I haven’t seen Seobok Again. What are you going to do? Fire me? I have tenure! Anyway, from what I understand from the trailer, Gong Yoo is playing a former intelligence agent. And like yes, he looks sexy (another costume!), But he’s also a fed so that’s like, ?? (Make not run me on the HOT COP from Squid game, please, I’m a sick, weak woman.) He’s mingling with a clone that has the secret of eternal life – you know, one of those classic buddy-cop-clone movies. I’m going to watch it anyway, but the fact that they didn’t choose to clone Gong Yoo? Missed opportunity. Do better.

Hope these recommendations make you lather in your mouth like the mad dog that you are. And just to push you to the limit, I’ll leave you with just one GIF. I warn you: This GIF is basically the videotape of The ring – once you see it you will die. Thank you. Welcome. And Gong Yoo, if you read this, with the utmost respect, ruin my life.

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