Starship Troopers hide Millennium Falcon Easter egg

Starship Troopers spotlight many unique ships, but a visual effects artist has placed a hidden Star Wars Easter Egg on one of them.

Hidden among the many ships seen inside Starship Troopers, the film’s visual effects team placed a Star wars as a subtle Easter egg for fans and a nod to their overlapping careers.

Other than spaceships and space battles, there isn’t much to Star wars movies and Starship Troopers have in common. Star wars became an instant hit worldwide while Starship Troopers has been criticized and failed at the box office – although it has recently become more beloved as a cult classic. There is, however, a small detail that is hidden in Starship Troopers that connects the two, planted by the visual effects team. While this sneaky Star wars The Easter Egg is not meant to be taken seriously as any connection between the two properties is a fun nod to the Star wars franchise easy to ignore.

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Starship Troopers - Millennium Falcon Easter Egg

A connection between these films is Phil Tippett, who has worked on the visual effects of many classics, including RoboCop, jurassic park and the three originals Star wars movies. In collaboration with the animation department Industrial Light & Magic, Tippett brought to life a number of models, such as the infamous AT-AT Imperial walkers from The Empire Strikes Back, with the use of stop motion.

He eventually brought his skills to the production of Starship Troopers, helping the increasingly common mix of practical effects with digital. Tippett and his team helped create the horrific bugs that the troops fight against and even helped with the modeling and movement of the movie’s spaceships.

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Humanity lands on the alien planet around Starship Troopers‘hour mark, launching a wave of vehicles carrying their armies. Among all massive ships is one very familiar ship: the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo’s classic light freighter sits on the deck, hitchhiking on one of the armored personnel carriers camouflaged against the gray color, making it easy to miss for those who don’t know. Not only does it refer to the (arguably) most famous ship of all Star wars, but it also looks like a scene from The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo parks the Millennium Falcon on the deck of a Star Destroyer and turns off to escape detection from the Empires.

While it’s unclear whether Tippet himself planted the Falcon, at least one of the visual effects team managed to squeeze it in and blend it surprisingly well into the ship. While this is clearly an Easter egg, it’s not uncommon for production design teams to reuse props; even the costumes of the soldiers Starship Troopers have been seen reused in shows such as Power Rangers: The Lost Galaxy and Firefly.

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