Steve Buscemi is set for a bowling showdown in Michelob ad

Image for article titled Steve Buscemi and Peyton Manning set for bowling showdown in Michelob's Super Bowl teaser ad

Screenshot: Michelob

It truly is a golden age for advertising when a commercial essentially gets two trailers: Don Draper would be proud. Michelob, who has created memorable ad campaigns for decades (remember their 1989s The night belongs to Michelob run?) enlisted former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Bronco quarterback – and two-time Super Bowl champion – Peyton Manning and Theodore Donald “Donny” Kerabatsos himself, Steve Buscemi for their big Super Bowl 2022 a d.

At the neon-drenched Superior Bowl (probably the cleverest way to introduce the trademark term “Super Bowl” into a “big game” commercial), Manning in his classic turtleneck bowling shirt, laces up his rental shoes and approaches for the line (hopefully not over) in 15 seconds as bartender Buscemi looks on, deodorizing shoes and wiping down the bar at the same time; bowling alleys have never been known for their hygiene policies.

It’s worth noting that Electric Light Orchestra’s “Showdown” plays in both commercials, a track that featured prominently in the Farrelly Brothers’ 1996 bowling comedy. Center pivot with Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson.

Could this teasing a shared cinematic bowling universe as stars of both Center pivot and The great Lebowski compete in a beer setting? Will Jeff Bridges order a “Caucasian” from Buscemi? Murray has a knack for just showing places, could he show up at the Super Bowl to face Manning? Will John Goodman bring a toe (he can get you one)? Why not make Janeane Garofalo appear as mystery for men The Bowler and show them all how it’s done?

We’ll find out when the full commercial airs on February 13 during Super Bowl LVI. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. PT / 6:30 p.m. and you can watch the game live on NBC or stream on Hulu or YouTube.

[Via People]