Strong, Expensive Sam Adams Beer Can Be Sold in Wyoming | Local News

Good news for Wyoming beer drinkers.

The lack of regulations on the amount of alcohol in beer sold in Wyoming means that Samuel Adams’ new “Utopias” beer is legal in Cowboy State.

This is not the case in 15 other states where the 25.4% alcohol level is too high to sell.

Last week, Samuel Adams announced that the latest incarnation of his “Utopias” beer will be released on October 11. Special beers are released every two years and this batch, according to the brewery, is made up of thousands of pounds of cherries and the coveted “Balaton” fruit – which is another kind of cherry – and foodies love it.

The reason it makes the news, however, is because of its alcohol content. At 25.4%, that’s six times what the average beer contains.

Does that really make it more intoxicating?

“Oh, sweet Jesus, yes,” said Mike Moser, executive director of the Wyoming State Liquor Association.

Moser explained that drinking a bottle of Utopias would be equivalent to drinking 17 or 18 ounces of pure tequila.

He said if a bottle were consumed in an hour, the blood alcohol level in a 150-pound man could exceed 0.3%, or about four times the legal limit.

“If you drank one of these containers in an hour, you could very likely be dead. You will either be hospitalized or you will wish to be, ”he said.

Either way, it would be expensive. Samuel Adams sells beer for $ 240 for a 28-ounce container.

Beer snobs say beer is so expensive due to the “long and painstaking process of brewing and aging thick yeast drinks like Utopias.”

Moser said beer is so expensive because people will pay for it.

“People love these weird beers the same way they’ll spend $ 100 on Bourbon that they’ve never tried before,” he said. “People don’t necessarily drink more today, but they spend more when they do. “

It is not unusual, Moser says, for the price of wine to be higher than the price of a meal when you go out to eat.

Either way, he warned that utopias should be seen as sipping beer, not puffing beer.

States that don’t allow beer include: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia.

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