Strong Will Creates Miracles – News

Dr Dhananjay (Jay) Datar

Dr Dhananjay (Jay) Datar is the Chairman and CEO of Al Adil Trading

SSuccess has no secret formula. Although different virtues are often attributed to him, I believe that the only decisive factor for a victory is a strong will or will. I myself have experienced the miracles of the will and have witnessed them in the case of many others.

When I completed my PhD in Business Administration with flying colors, I couldn’t believe that an average student like me who had already failed their graduation exam five times could succeed like this.

When I visited my mom and told her about my success, she was thrilled and blessed me. I described my success as a miracle, but my mom stopped me and said, “Son, it wasn’t fate or a miracle. It was simply your hard work and your will.

I read the inspiring story of a well-known businessman. He had remained committed in a company throughout his career. After his retirement, he decided to pursue his long-held dream of becoming a successful businessman.

It was not that easy because he had a lot of health problems. He suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure and minor kidney problems. Besides, his old age, which limited his activities, was not on his side. Still, he had unfailing confidence. He started a business and made his fortune in a decade.

He went to the hospital regularly for his routine check-up. One day, when a doctor asked him why he worked so hard in his heyday when others prefer rest and pleasure, he replied with a smile: “It was my will that kept me alive.” , otherwise I would be long dead. I know I have very few years left, but I have no fear of death. Let him do his job and let me do mine.

I witnessed the same confidence with a friend of mine. He worked in the advertising industry and created advertisements for the corporate category. One day she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He later underwent surgery and the cancer-affected kidney was removed.

He had to undergo regular chemotherapy sessions. I once visited him in the hospital and found him to be quite calm and cheerful. He assured me with strong words: “Look, I only lost one kidney but the other is strong and so does my will. I will definitely make a comeback and beat this cancer. His words turned out to be true.

Upon his return from the hospital, he completely changed his lifestyle. With the help of medicine he controlled his cancer and with the help of meditation he controlled his mind. With a strong will, he still leads a normal and healthy life.

Friends, I tell you to face all of life’s challenges with positive thoughts, courage and invincible self-confidence. Believe in the immense power of the spirit. One of the great spiritual leaders, the Dalai Lama, said, “We all have the power of thought – so what are you missing? If you have the will, you can change everything.