Suku Home’s summer collection embodies carefree energy

“We’ve been indoors most of this year so we’re ready for a fun and playful summer and that’s what we’ve translated into the silhouettes of Utopia. “

After a very difficult year, a fun and playful summer is on the horizon, and the new Suku Home Utopia collection perfectly captures the carefree spirit of the warmer months to come. Appreciated for its iconic oversized and relaxed unisex pieces, the Indonesian label’s summer collection from Melbourne also features more elegant and form-fitting silhouettes.

Think delicate crochet knits and midi dresses among her classic pajama styles, all created in pops of bright color and soft pastels. Capturing the excitement of a long-awaited vacation, the brand’s founder and designer Christine Lafian explains that this collection was actually inspired by a new sense of acceptance and contentment on a daily basis.

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“When designing for this collection, I thought a lot about my ideal summer. My mind then turned to a bigger question of whether we would ever achieve an ideal world, a utopia, with what is going on in the world right now. I spent a lot of time thinking about this question and found the answer in my repetitive routine.

“The joy I found in being present and enjoying the mundane routines that I once didn’t like gave me the inspiration for this collection. What you see is the contentment of knowing that our ideal world begins within… it begins at home, ”she tells me.

With hand-dyed, painted and sewn pieces, you can expect to see a playful sensibility through her prints (something Suku does so well), combining bold gestures with fluid movement.

“I have found solace in drawing curved lines and repeating stitches, which you will see a lot in this range… We have been indoors most of this year, so we are ready for a fun and playful summer and c is what we have translated into the silhouettes in Utopia. “

The range includes lightweight bamboo and cotton pieces, sustainably created in his Bali-based studio. Each garment is created by skilled artisans, who interweave their own stories into their craftsmanship and work.

“My design process with every collection always starts with a color palette – color is most important to me! I was wondering, to me and my team, what color would you like to wear this summer? I love asking my team for feedback because I trust their judgment and they all have amazing individual styles, ”says Christine.

As with everything this year, the Utopia collection was brought to us by the delights of Zoom. “Not being able to travel to Bali… means there have been a lot of Zoom meetings, video calls and WhatsApp chats between my team there and me to bring this lineup to life,” says Christine.

As life slowly picks up and the weather warms up, she hopes this collection will epitomize your perfect summer, whatever that might be like to you. “I want them to feel like you feel good and look good, nothing else matters. This is the first step to take ownership of your day! “

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