Teen Mom OG face-off: which actor is the most attractive? (According to SCIENCE!)

Some young readers may not remember it, but at a time when comparing two women and cruelly judging their appearance was a common pastime on the Internet. was.

If you look at social media, you know that websites specially created for this dirty practice laid the foundation for what would later become Facebook.

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that we’re not trying to dive into the good old days of the internet by competing with Teen Mom’s mom for the number one TMOG MILF title.

But when someone found out they had tried using a scientific formula to figure out which mom was the most attractive, we knew we had to pay attention.

Yes, that can seem like a huge waste of time, and it almost certainly is! -But Lucy Williams, owner of Aurielle Aesthetics, looked at photos of all the mothers and used Ancient Greece’s golden ratio theory to determine which one was more attractive.

This ratio is determined by comparing the size of the forehead, nose and chin areas.

Beauty standards have changed only slightly over the past few thousand years, but the Greeks believed that the perfect ration was 3: 2: 3.

So who won the competition, according to Lucy and the ancient Greeks?

Well, apparently it was a split decision.

According to the golden ratio, Farrah Abraham’s face is the closest to having perfect proportions.

Of course, as most fans of the show know, Fara’s love for plastic surgery Helped her on the path to perfection.

“The photo before Fara suggests that her face is longer than it is wide and has an oval or long face shape,” Williams said of Fara’s before and after shots.

“But in her recent photos, her cheeks are lighter and fuller, with a smaller lip-to-chin ratio,” she added.

“She has a heart-shaped face because of these changes in recent photos, the face width is equal over a third of the face, the cheeks are wide, and the chin is thin. Also known as attractive face shape.

“In the last photo of Fara, a third of the face is more even and balanced, with a higher golden ratio than before.”

The Greeks think so, but in Williams Staff In the opinion, Cheyenne Floyd occupies the first place.

Needless to say, the ruling is that most TMOG viewers will likely prefer it over Farrah viewers.

And Cheyenne seems to work pretty well with Aristotle and society.

“In my opinion, she has the perfect face in the cast of Teen Mom. She has a prominent forehead and a strong chin, which gives her the most desired heart-shaped face. “Williams said.

“Another feature of Cheyenne’s beauty is that her ears are as long as her nose, which gives her balance and symmetry.”

The next list is Caitlin Lowell, to whom Williams assigned a 3: 2: 2 ratio.

“Caitlin has the striking blue eyes which are the first characteristic that attracts me,” she said.

Next is Amber Portwood, who seems to switch to the 2: 2: 3 ratio.

“Amber has a nice little feature with a subtle chin line,” Williams said.

“Her face is roughly the same width as the length and the lower third of the face is slightly longer than the top,” she said.

Maci Bookout and Mackenzie McKee are connected in a 3: 2: 2 ratio.

“Mashi has a nice balance with the shape of the face,” Williams revealed, adding:

“Mashi’s face length is 2.1 times the width of his face, which is much longer than the desired golden ratio of 1.6.

Williams pointed out that this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing and pointed out that the same ratio worked well for Mashi and Mackenzie.

“Mackenzie is shaped like a typical rectangular face,” she said.

“Her face is about 1.5 as long as it is wide, keeping the natural balance of the entire face.”

Well that’s a good thing, we don’t generally think of the Teen Mom cast members to be very balanced.

Hopefully none of them get their faces rearranged by an angry co-star while filming Teen mom spin-off It’s spinning now.

Otherwise, Williams may have to post new scores in a few weeks!

Teen Mom OG face-off: which actor is the most attractive? (According to SCIENCE!) Teen Mom OG face-off: which actor is the most attractive? (According to SCIENCE!)