The 10 Best Cyclops Comic Book Stories, According To Reddit

Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, is one of the founding members of the X-Men and an iconic part of Marvel Comics history. Known for his powerful energy beams and unique goggles, Cyclops is also a skilled tactician and the leader of the disparate group of mutants.

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Although he usually takes a back seat to more powerful figures like Wolverine or Cable, Cyclops has starred in quite a few story arcs over the years. Reddit users have taken to the site to mention some of their favorite Cyclops comic storylines.

Nation X

Cyclops stands above a crowd waving the flag of Nation X

Although Professor X is generally considered the leader of the X-Men, Cyclops has proven his leadership abilities on several occasions. A deleted user mentioned his favorite Cyclops storyline, writing “I would say the Nation X storyline… This was one of the most active periods of really trying to cement human/mutant relationships in franchise history. And Scott was the main driver of it all.”


In Nation X, Magneto returns, and instead of attacking the X-Men, he apologizes to them and wants to help them defend Utopia. While Professor X was skeptical of Magneto’s intentions, Scott trusted their mortal enemy. In the end, Cyclops’ faith was rewarded and his quick thinking saved the lives of many mutants.


Cyclops walks away from Elegy

While the Dark Phoenix Saga is considered one of the best x-men 1980s storylines, it’s not primarily focused on Cyclops. A deleted user mentioned a specific issue when talking about his favorite Cyclops story, writing “x-men #138. While I can’t say he’s at his best here, it’s a fascinating look at Cyclops.”

With Jean Gray gone, Scott doesn’t have much left to tie him to the X-Men, but his memories. Trouble finds the founding member revoking his allegiance to the X-Men and walking away. Although the issue is essentially a recap of past events from the comics, it still offers some interesting insight into the psychology of the stoic Cyclops.

Rise from the ashes

Phoenix is ​​part of a group of mutants in From The Ashes

Although most comics are based on action in nature, sometimes writers will include a gripping mystery story. User bravogolfhotel mentioned a great Cyclops story writing “‘Ashes‘. He focuses intensely on his emotional life, he also shows that… his real power is his genius as a tactician.”

Although the Ashes The storyline also features some of Wolverine’s best comic book numbers, it also gives readers a tense look at Cyclops. Upon meeting a woman who looks exactly like Jean Grey, Scott forms a relationship with her and begins to delve into her mysterious past. Memory pain is strong in Cyclops, and it shows he’s more than just a stoic leader.

The end of the game

Cyclops powers up from X-Factor Endgame

No period of x-men the comics showed Scott’s leadership abilities just like his run on X factor. User Grailhawk gave a great example of Cyclop’s greatness while writing “X Factor: Game Over (X factor 65-68) would be my favourites”.

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The arc finds Scott leading X-Factor against the resurgent forces of the recently defeated Apocalypse. By taking over Ship, Apocalypse not only threatens the safety of humanity, but he also kidnaps Cyclops’ son, Nathan. Usually Cyclops solves his problems with intelligence and cunning, but in End of Game he shows a good dose of courage and determination to save his family.

Cyclops icon

Cyclops stands in silhouette of Cyclops Icons

Although it got its start in the Silver Age of comics, it took a long time for Cyclops to be featured in its own standalone books. User arthur4242 referred to a great example of Cyclops reporting by mentioning “His mini icons were really awesome”.

While his fellow X-Men have had a plethora of standalone stories, Scott is often relegated to the pages of the main comic book series. Icons: Cyclops was a brief miniseries but it gave fans an interesting story that revolved exclusively around Scott. After an assassination attempt by Juggernaut, Scott embarks on a long journey to find out who wants him dead. Blending elements of mystery, Icons allows Cyclops to flex his muscles both physically and mentally.

The second coming

Cyclops poses with other Second Coming mutants

x-men the comics have often shown that being a leader is a privilege, but it’s also a huge burden. User BXX78 highlighted his favorite Cyclops story while writing “second coming. It’s not all about Cyclops or anything, but it shows him the best imo.”

second coming is the finale of a trilogy of stories primarily focused on Cable and his efforts to save Hope Summers from Bishop. The story spanning the Marvel Universe involves the X-Men, and Scott is quickly put in a difficult position when a member’s death is placed at his feet. Although Cyclops has faced his fair share of deaths, the potential breakup of the group puts his leadership abilities to the test.

The Exalted

Cyclops and other mutants stand in front of a hole in a wall in Exalted

Marvel Comics Has Its Fair Share Of Wild Alternate Realities, And The X-Men are no strangers to their own alternate timelines. User JargonPhat mentioned a great alternate history of Cyclops while writing “Amazing X-Men Volume 9: Exalted…I don’t want to give it away, but he’s still a badass Cyclops.”

Exalted gave readers a grim glimpse into the potential of the x-men universe when he sent Scott to an alternate reality where Professor X uses Cyclops as a power source. With the fate of the universes in his hands, the “real” Cyclops must make difficult decisions that reveal his character’s makeup. When it is shown that all of the Scotts chose to sacrifice themselves, it shows his worth as a leader.

A bit complex

Cyclops draws his energy beams from the Messiah Complex

When Marvel decided to erase most mutants from the face of the earth in the comics, it gave the writers an opportunity to start with a clean slate. A deleted user brought up a great example of a Cyclops storyline by mentioning “He’s a badass in Messiah complex. Very fast and very pleasant to read.

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When a new mutant is detected in Alaska, the X-Men race against time to save the youngster from being captured and potentially killed by sinister forces. Taking full charge of the group, Scott wrests control of the X-Men from Professor X but is ultimately hampered by the memory of his own son. Although he is usually described as the Boy Scout of the group, Messiah complex was a look at the conflicted side of Cyclops.

The only thing to fear…

A group of Marvel heroes pose from Fear Itself

the fear each other The story spanned the entire Marvel Universe, and it wasn’t long before the X-Men were involved. User UXM266 touted the series as a great Cyclops storyline while writing “The fear each other story arc…Once again Cyclops made decisions that focused on the protection and safety of the race/civilians over the welfare of his friends”.

With Utopia threatened by Juggernaut, possessed by an ancient god, Scott is placed in one of his most difficult positions as a leader. As he fights the threat, he knows he will surely sacrifice his friends, but if he doesn’t, he will doom many innocent people. The Impossible Choice tests the interference of the beloved character and is one of the darkest parts of the fear each other Event.

The fall of the house of M

Professor X sits in front of a large group of mutants from House of M

Alternate universes and the X-Men are a match made in comic book heaven, and they’re often some of the best stories in the franchise. User JargonPhat brought up a favorite Cyclops story while writing “House of M should get a mention. Scott is essentially leading a team of X-Men and Avengers into a very unknown situation.”

While the House of M The script doesn’t offer much information about who Cyclops is as a person, it’s a great exposition of his abilities. Faced with an alternate universe built by the madness of the Scarlet Witch, Cyclops steps in and is the leader for the time being. As the Avengers crumble under the pressure, Scott shows he has what it takes to get things done.

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