The best wines dating back 200 years, including a bottle of 350 thousand euros, …

Two clients staying at the Atrio Hotel in Cáceres (Extremadura), Spain, managed to steal 45 expensive Bordeaux wines from the cellar of the two-star restaurant. Added to this is the Château d’Yquem from 1806, which alone will be worth around 350,000 euros.

“They were professionals. They knew exactly what they were doing, ”says owner Jose Polo Guardian. “The couple, a man and a woman, spoke English and seemed very friendly. They slept at the hotel and had dinner in our restaurant.

The woman is said to have removed a receptionist from the security camera with an apology, after which the man slipped into the basement with 40,000 bottles. No one even noticed when the husband went out the next morning. According to the owner, thieves took the Château d’Yquem from 1806 and at least six other nearly 200-year-old bottles from the exclusive winemaker Romanée-Conti. According to Yquem alone Guardian It is worth around 350,000 euros.

According to the hotel manager, the thieves worked for a private collector: “They were very familiar with the bottles they needed. But selling them is almost impossible: the bottles are numbered and checked. This Yquem from 1806 is unique; everyone knows the bottle is ours. The police have launched a major investigation. The total value of the 45 bottles is unknown; Fortunately for the owner of the hotel, all bottles were locked. (ground)