The captaincy of CSK and Ravindra Jadeja turned into a bad marriage

Ravindra Jadeja didn’t show the captaincy skills CSK fans were expecting: If you’re a fan of history, you’d say there were countless instances where an exceptionally skilled army general was promoted to the rank of king with high hopes and somehow another, the state plunged into disrepair once it took over.

Moreover, without naming the individual, history bore witness to an aged ruler who could barely raise a sword and yet under him the state flourished more than ever, at times embracing the golden age. .

Now history is nothing but real life examples and cricket, in recent times has been a belated addition to the historical curiosity of India, a nation where the sport is celebrated as the most big party.

Going back to discussions of generals and kings, one of the most common incidents of a successful player failing to demonstrate his leadership abilities when the nation needed a new face was none other than Sachin Tendulkar. Although he is a Picasso of batting art, his skill as a captain pushed India further into the jaws of decadence.

However, surprising everyone, it was Sourav Ganguly, a true rebel, who took the reins and ushered India into an era that would only go from strength to strength. Fast forward the clock 20 years and let’s reduce the international business margin to a franchise extravaganza, as they say, history repeats itself.

Just before the launch of the latest edition of IPL, MS Dhoni, the oldest skipper of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) handed over the captain’s armband to one of India’s finest cricketers, Ravindra Jadeja, you can however call him a general.

Even though Dhoni’s squeaky bones would make life a nightmare for the former CSK skipper, needless to say, his chiseled sensorium would still work wonders in bringing the Yellow Army to light from the darkest pits of the world. ‘hell.

csk points table ipl 2022

Now would you say it’s all Jadeja’s fault that CSK fell behind? No, this is not the case. The management is at fault on several occasions. First and foremost, they openly believed in somehow bringing back last year’s team, regardless of the fact that age isn’t just a number and it’s not a scrum at knockout where heroism in one or two matches will elevate you. the trophy. It’s a marathon league and even if you stumble in a game or two, you keep running, that’s the basic rule.

Did CSK manage to recover the whole group from last year? Almost. Except for the man who led the charge for them, Faf du Plessis. With their star opener no longer in the fold, who did they hire? Devon Conway, a man who definitely has a reputation in the game’s shortest format, is not the dynamite South African flyhalf that was.

They have openly relied on Ruturaj Gaikwad but being frank he is still young and just because he managed to land the orange cap last season doesn’t mean he is going to deliver day in and day out especially when you take it away one the most reliable partners of him. The chemistry is gone, there’s not a senior guy in the shed who can guide him and probably tell him everything will be fine.

These are just some of the mistakes made by management. Now coming to Ravindra Jadeja as captain, well, he is a sniper on the pitch but his strategies have been quite questionable. Somehow his bowling maneuvers backfired and the undead let out excessive runs.

The stick has crumbled in a few games already and in the only game it hasn’t, Ravindra Jadeja gave a howl as he brought Shivam Dube into the offense where the hitters are ready to hammer for more.

ravindra jadeja csk ipl 2022

More importantly, somehow Jadeja’s calculations just don’t work. Plus, for a captain, he’s somehow too soft and Dhoni’s iron-fisted gaze is no thing for the electric all-rounder who prefers to rally his team in lines of humor.

Nor is Ravindra Jadeja the hulking figure that Dhoni used to be, and therefore when the game comes down to hard numbers, he still has to take long leaps. Even though it’s only three games into the tournament, Ravindra Jadeja somehow doesn’t seem like the man for the captaincy and before it’s too late, maybe CSK should be there. think and have a word with India’s best all-around player at the moment.