The Creepiest Eyes In Anime, Ranked By Design

It is a common theme in the anime for the eyes to possess powers beyond anything imaginable. Some of the strongest characters harness their power in their eyes. There are eyes capable of reading minds, creating illusions, and even destroying.

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Eye powers are generally both envied and feared by those who witness them. In addition to these formidable abilities, eye powers often bring an equally spooky appearance. Whether it’s a weapon that has replaced the user’s original eyes, a dark symbol of sinister power, or a change that manifests in the increasing strength of the eyes, appearance those eyes leave a lasting impression on other characters and the audience.

ten King Bradley’s Ultimate Eye makes her look intimidating (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

ultimate eye of wrath

The power of the Ultimate Eye gives King Bradley a huge advantage over his series opponents Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This increases his perception to superhuman levels, allowing him to counter any attack with just a glance. This heightened vision renders any adversary powerless in front of him.

The ouroboros symbol is tattooed in his eye, replacing both his iris and his pupil. This symbol gives his eye an unnatural and intimidating appearance, which he hides under an eye patch. The Ultimate Eye’s fearsome appearance, coupled with its abilities, makes King Bradley a formidable foe.

9 Shinigami eyes give the user a menacing and menacing look (Death Note)

Death Note Misa Amane with shinigami eyes

In the series Death threat, humans in possession of a Death Note can negotiate half their lifespan for the ability to see the names and lifespans of other humans. This ability is known as Shinigami Eyes. These eyes are no different from the eyes of any ordinary human. However, to the public, they appear to be red with light colored pupils. It’s a very slight change but gives the user an inhuman, soulless look.

The Shinigami’s eyes that grant a Death Note to a human look even more ominous as they glow an ominous red when used. Although the eyes of humans are pale compared to reality, they are just as menacing. Considering the price one has to pay to obtain them and the characteristics that set them apart from normal eyes, Shinigami eyes are a very unsettling ability.

8 Ciel Phantomhive’s Faustian contract glows with a mysterious purple pentagram (Black Butler)

Contract Black Butler Ciel Phantomhive in the eyes

At the beginning of black butler, Ciel Phantomhive unknowingly summons the demon Sebastian Michaelis. In revenge on his captors, Ciel enters into a contract with Sebastian. He officially becomes his master at the cost of his human soul.

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A bond seal inside Ciel’s right eye represents the contract between the two. It displays a pentagram with the seal surrounding it and glows an eerie purple. The most disturbing aspect of Ciel’s Faustian Contract is that it is made by such a young character. The seal on Ciel’s eye represents the torture and pain he endured at such a young age.

7 Kurapika’s scarlet eyes scare those who catch their gaze (Hunter x Hunter)

Kurapika's scarlet eyes stare

Scarlet eyes in Hunter x hunter are among the most famous and beautiful in the world. They are compared to the rarest of jewelry and are sought after by traders and those in high society. Collecting and selling these eyes wipes out almost the entire Kurta Clan, leaving only Kurapika remaining. The eyes glow a deep scarlet when the owner becomes angry or agitated. If the owner is to die in this state, the eyes remain permanently scarlet.

Those who seek to cash in on this trait mercilessly hunt down members of the Kurta clan. The appearance of scarlet eyes can scare those who catch their gaze, as seen when Zenji confronts Kurapika only to be immobilized by his gaze.

6 Kurumi Tokisaki’s Clock Eye is a symbol of her deadly powers (Date A Live)

Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki Eyes

Kurumi Tokisaki is considered the most dangerous spirit in the series Date A Live, because of its lethal abilities. His left eye is a golden clock that gives him the power to manipulate time in his spiritual form. These powers make her exceptionally dangerous, allowing her to take thousands of lives.

Terrifying power aside, the scariest aspect of his eye is how it contrasts with his otherwise cute appearance. The clock in his eyes looks strange, the gold and red in his eyes bringing a sinister expression to his face. Her eyes are the centerpiece of her mind form and give her an unsettling and frightening feel when revealed.

5 Allen Walker’s Cursed Eye has unpredictable power and dark symbolism in his scar (D. Gray-man)

D. Grayman Anime Allen Walker Cursed He

The Cursed Eye is an inverted pentacle scar given to Allen by Mana after his resurrection as Akuma in the series D. Gray-man. This gives Allen the power to see the souls trapped inside Akuma and appears as a large scar on his face. It first manifests as a black eye with shiny red rings in place of its iris.

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As it increases in power, the symbol of an inverted pentagram replaces the red rings. The eye appears to have its own will and activates without Allen’s control. It gains strength as it is used and causes Allen great pain. The unpredictability of her power and the somber symbolism of her appearance make Cursed Eye a frightening ability.

4 The Omnipresent Eyes of God Possess Fearsome Power at a Terrible Price (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

Kekkei Sensen Leonardo who sees all the eyes of God

The omnipresent eyes of God in Blood Blockade Battlefront are artifacts bestowed on selected humans. In exchange for the sight of the person closest to them, they give the user many powers. These include increased vision, control over illusions, time perception, the ability to see and read auras, and the ability to control the vision of others. The artifact is placed in the place of the user’s original eyes and glows a bright blue. Fine lines and circles detail the interior instead of an iris and pupil. The omnipresent eyes of God are definitely changing the user.

Once removed, their eyes and sight will never be what they used to be. They are a terrifying eye power, from their unnatural appearance to the harsh consequences of their use. The people chosen have amazing abilities. However, the price of such power is very high.

3 Maximillion Pegasus’ Millennium Eye requires a terrible sacrifice in exchange for control of his power (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

In the Yu Gi Oh ! franchise, the Millennium Eye is one of seven treasures known as Millennium Objects. It grants its holder the power to see into the mind of an opponent. Pegasus uses this eye to stay one step ahead of his enemies at all times. Its many victories are thanks to the power it contains. The Millennium Eye is a golden eye that replaces the user’s original.

Pegasus had his left eye removed so he could wear the Millennium Eye. He hides it behind his hair, keeping it a secret from his opponents. The Millennial Eye is one of the most disturbing Millennial objects, especially given the sacrifice required to gain control of the artifact. It is an appropriate power for one of the Yu Gi Oh !the first and most memorable villains.

2 The Rinne-Sharingan grants spooky and divine powers to its user (Naruto)

The Rinne-Sharingan is the most potent of the eye abilities in Naruto. It is a combination of Rinnegan and Sharingan, first performed by Kaguya Otsutsuki after consuming the fruit of the Divine Tree. The Rinne-Sharingan appears as a third eye that forms in the middle of the user’s forehead. He has the power to transcend dimensions, using genjutsu to transport the user and others to these dimensions at will.

The enormous power of the Rinne-Sharingan is more than a match for most Shinobi and techniques. Only the Rinnegan and the Tailed Beasts chakra were able to stop his genjutsu. Giving those who use it a frightening, inhuman appearance and divine powers, the Rinne-Sharingan is arguably the most intimidating of the abilities in the Naruto universe.

1 The Kakugans of a Ghoul have a terrifying and demonic appearance (Tokyo Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Hinami Kakugans Eyes

In Tokyo ghoul, a ghoul’s Kakugans are a distinct characteristic and defining trait. Their appearance is indicative of a ghoul’s identity. They have black eyes with red irises and red veins that start from the eyes and enter the skin. They can appear at the will of the ghoul but also appear on their own when a ghoul is hungry or excited. In some ghouls, only one Kakugan activates.

Human-ghoul hybrids also only develop a single Kakugan that sets them apart from typical ghouls. Although they present no known danger themselves, Kakugans make ghouls look terrifying and demonic. They, along with the nature of ghouls in general, scare humans and captivate audiences with their hungry gaze.

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