The Empire’s biggest mistake was Endor, not the Death Stars

Although Galen Erso spoiled the first Death Star, what happened with Endor was just an embarrassing tactical oversight in Star Wars.

Emperor Palpatine – Star wars‘Mightiest Sith Lord – wasn’t just renowned for his skill with a lightsaber or control of the Force: he was a Class A schemer. The way he played the long game to weaken the Republic of inside and destroying Jedi Oder was the culmination of a thousand years of subterfuge devised by Darth-Bane, and it was downright impressive. However, it looked like Palpatine had used his full conspiracy in the prequels, because as the Rebel Alliance organized to oppose him, he made two critical tactical mistakes that led the Empire to lose the galactic civil war.

For Palpatine, bullying has always been everything. On a personal level, his presence on the dark side overwhelmed everyone around him, but Palpatine wanted to intimidate, threaten, and subjugate the Star wars galaxy in a way that has never been seen before. So he commissioned the first Death Star. In his pride, Palpatine believed that no one could ever destroy or even oppose such a destructive technological masterpiece, but the Rebels did just that. The open exhaust port that led directly to his reactor core was Palpatine’s first mistake, but it’s slightly excusable due to Galen Erso’s design deception. However, Palpatine’s lack of planning around Death Star II was his biggest failure as Emperor.

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Likely hampered by the destruction of Death Star I, Palpatine decided to move on to round two. He commissioned the Death Star II as an even larger monstrosity than his predecessor. With traitor Galen Erso dead this time around, Palpatine was convinced that nothing could stop his new impervious battle station. Thus, he allowed the Death Star II plans to be “stolen” by the rebels a bit to pull them out of hiding. By falsely communicating that Death Star II was not yet operational, Palpatine’s plan worked perfectly and the rebels prepared their preemptive attack.

Palpatine’s plan was working perfectly when the Rebels began their assault, and he told Luke aboard Death Star II. Unfortunately, for Palpatine, his plan was not comprehensive. The events on Endor fell far short of the mark and showed the incompetence of the Imperial army.

Presumably, the Empire chose Endor as the staging ground for the completion of Death Star II because the location was relatively isolated in the Outer Rim. By the way, using a shield generator to protect the vulnerable battle station was a good plan, but, for some reason, the Empire put little to no effort into securing its location on the moon. The forest around the Imperial installation was not cleared to make attacks more difficult, and there was minimal defensive presence on the moon. This was Palpatine’s biggest tactical mistake as Endor was clearly occupied and hostile territory.

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Battle of Endor Ewoks attacks the walker

According to Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know, Endor was populated by a population of around thirty million Ewoks, and it only took two hundred Warrior Teddy Bears from Bright Tree Village to disrupt the Shield Generator’s defense in Back from the Jedi. Conclusion: they posed an obvious threat. So the question should be why hasn’t the Empire taken them seriously before?

It wasn’t even like the Ewoks attack on Star warsThe Battle of Endor was a unique event. They used large catapults, gliders, swinging logs, bows and arrows. They were ready to fight and were probably engaging in guerrilla warfare long before Leia found Wicket. So the Empire should have been ready for an attack at all times. Still, the Empire had to ignore the threat as there is no indication that they made any significant attempts to eradicate Bright Tree Village. It would have been easy, and the fact that the Ewok were allowed to remain a threat was clearly a huge tactical error.

Palpatine’s failure to plan for the Ewok threat was his biggest mistake as a tactician. He should have eradicated the Ewoks in Bright Star Village long before he began his plan to pull the rebels out of their hiding place. In fact, if his forces could have contained the shield generator, his plan likely would have worked and the rebels would have been destroyed. However, he did not take care of the Ewoks. As a result, he lost Star warsThe Galactic Civil War and the rebels have destroyed his precious Death Star – once again.

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