The epitome of heavy beer consumption

While many beer drinkers rejoice at the perfectly poured draft, this brewed beverage is only part of the beer conversation. As Samuel Adams Utopias 2021 has started to be savored by connoisseurs, “extreme beer” is more than a high ABV drink available in limited quantities. It’s an invitation to discover perfection one sip at a time.

For many beer drinkers, pouring from the first to the last drop is about enjoying more than a pint. The idea of ​​sessionable applies to many beers. Enjoying a heated conversation over a draft has filled many days. From sporting events to celebrations, beer is often that toasting drink.

But beer doesn’t have to be that light and bigger with its golden tint. When Samuel Adams sought to push the boundaries of brewing, it wasn’t just about creating this ‘extreme’ beer with a high ABV, it was about creating a nuanced flavor that should be savored and remembered long after the last. sip.

What is Samuel Adams Utopies 2021?

Released every two years, the Utopias offers something quite different from the Samuel Adams bottle that a lot of people drink on weekends. Beyond the bottle itself, the method, concept and meticulous details captured in the bottle ensure this drink is worthy of that ‘unicorn’ status before it hits store shelves.

While some people refer to the high ABV (28% in the 2021 offering) and its unavailability in some states, the reality is that these facts are only one aspect of this unique distillation. Opening a bottle invites the drinker to question what perfection is in a glass and can this idea become reality.

When Sir Thomas More coined the term Utopia for his book, this fictitious idea of ​​the ultimate paradise did not seem to be grounded in reality. It didn’t matter whether the concept was ever really achievable. Instead, it was a performance that allows people to wonder, dream, and explore what’s possible.

In 2002 Jim Koch, the founder and brewer of Samuel Adams, began an exploration of what utopias could be. As Koch said, “Brewers have explored uncharted territory with each brew, experimenting with different types of aging casks, new flavors and different blending techniques. The result is always special, fiery and worth waiting for.

While this statement leads to more questions and a quest to unlock the secrets inside a bottle, the reality is that it invites drinkers to explore what’s possible and take the conversation in new directions. Even though there’s a lot of talk about beverage trends, the art of creating an exceptional sip should never be forgotten.

What makes Samuel Adams Utopias 2021 unique?

Over the years, the barrel aging process has developed robust, yet nuanced flavors in this unique drink. For anyone who has never had the chance to sip a Utopias, it is best described as a nice cognac or a port.

Best served in a glass specially designed by Riedel, the small poured glass reveals the nose. When the aroma seduces, that first sip is even more pleasant.

While each version is slightly different, the Samuel Adams Utopias 2021 takes a unique approach by using large amounts of Balaton cherries. The sweet and tangy flavor of black cherry is imbued with notes of vanilla, oak and a touch of maple. Never cloying, the layers of flavor add to the intrigue with every sip.

For this offering, the brewers of Samuel Adams used barrels of French Oak Wine. By adding a touch of caramel, the resulting hue and flavor is sublime.

Since Utopias is a barrel aged beverage, this year’s offering used 86 barrels throughout the process. From some of the early offerings of beer exploration to the present day, a little piece of brewing history is shared in every bottle.

For the person who wants to explore the attention to craftsmanship and the desire to push the boundaries, purchasing a 2021 Samuel Adams Utopias bottle is worth the investment. And to be clear, it’s an investment with a starting retail price of $ 240. Some resellers may price the offer much higher.

But, like a great wine or unicorn whiskey, this offer was meant for a special occasion. It will age well and could be even nicer when revisited after that first pour.

While a perfect world can only be described with flowery language in a fictional book, Samuel Adams Utopias 2021 brings a sip of his own perfection to the glass. For those who wish to contemplate the experience, perhaps it is time to open the bottle and enjoy the pursuit of perfection.