The famous orthogonal thinker of David Nikzad’s “Utopian Holding Company” has moved to Miami to lead the future

MIAMI, November 01, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Orthogonal Thinker, a self-proclaimed “utopian holding company” led by a renowned investor and executive David nikzad, is pleased to announce its move to the hottest new market – Miami, Florida. The move reinvigorated the company, leading to 15 new agreements signed since his arrival in early July. Orthogonal makes strategic investments and joint ventures with companies that contribute to the Orthogonal ecosystem of companies in new and emerging industries.

Nikzad, founder and CEO of Orthogonal Thinker, notes: “Part of the secret to my success is that I’m just far enough ahead of the curve, and my recent move to Miami is just another example. excited to be a part of the growing South Florida startup scene, which so encompasses the verticals we specialize in: space, crypto, cannabis, psychedelics and healthy foods. ”

Orthogonal’s most exciting company is its subsidiary Ei.Ventures. Ei has had an amazing year, committing $ 20 million to their Reg A. As part of their research and development on natural psychedelics, EI recently announced via Forbes that they have partnered up with the powerhouse. transdermal delivery Tioga Research to develop a transdermal patch for delivery of psilocin, the active ingredient in psilocybin mushrooms, for mental health applications.

As part of Ei’s two-track approach, they plan to launch their MANA line of fungus functional nutraceuticals and a fungus herbal functional drink soon in early 2022.

Building businesses through crowdfunding has always been part of Orthogonal’s DNA, as some of the early investments included crowdfunding WeFunder, RealCrowd, DealMaker and Republic. Thanks to this experience and the recent success of Reg A of Ei, Orthogonal is now positioned as a leader in the Reg A fundraising space and has vertically integrated its internal team to manage Reg A increases for its companies. wallet.

Nikzad adds, “We couldn’t be more optimistic about Miami and seek to show our gratitude for the wonderful welcome we have received in South Florida by providing funding from all levels of investors to this growing region. . “

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