The feature documentary YOU CAN’T KILL MEME delves into the fascinating world of political memes


Feature documentary highlights political memes

Utopia is about to come out YOU CANNOT KILL EVEN, an all-new documentary that explores the silent and powerful world of political memes culture and how it can be used and exploited for political ends, on digital platforms on December 7, 2021.

A political meme is a purposefully crafted visual framing of a position that is created to deliver an inner joke, trigger an emotional reaction, and create a sense of belonging. Memes are a whole new form of political communication, and attempts to use them for good and evil are growing rapidly.

A feature debut by director and cinematographer Hayley Garrigus, YOU CANNOT KILL EVEN follows her three-year descent into the anonymous underworld of the internet to explore the genesis of “memetic magic” and how memes provided a whole new way of articulating beliefs. The documentary includes interviews with people who post memes online on both sides of the political aisle, as well as with “light workers” and the author of Memetic Magic: Manipulation of the root social matrix and the fabric of reality, R. Kirk Patwood. The film also features interviews with Billy Brujo, Carole Michaella, Sean Bell, Nick Peterson, Mason Inglaessia, “User 666” and “Marianne”, among others.

YOU CANNOT KILL EVEN was produced by Samuel Gursky and Kerry Mack, with editing by Michael Beuttler and Hayley Garrigus, and original music by Tom Moore and Michael Beuttler.

Danielle DiGiacomo, Content Manager for Utopia, said: “Through conspiracy and confrontation, ‘You Can’t Kill Meme’ offers nuance in our cultural assumptions about the culture of memes. Utopia is delighted to mesmerize viewers with the film’s denouement of modern internet communication, the real-world implications of which are often oversimplified.

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Digital on December 7