The Golden Age of Rolex Movements: A 4-Part Series on Advances, Golden Years and Forecasts for the Future of the World’s Most Iconic Watch Brand – Revival

In 2019, we released an interesting four-part series from Tim Mosso of Watchbox fame detailing the history, present and future of Rolex movements.

Rolex Submariner Reference 114060

Tim has devoted hours and hours of research to this work, and now, as we settle into fall 2021, I thought it was worth bringing your attention to this series in case you would have missed it the first time.

If you haven’t seen it yet, grab your hat and settle into your seat: it’s a hell of a read.

Discover the carefully researched and richly illustrated four-part Rolex series by clicking on the links below.

The Golden Age of Rolex Movements, Part I: Sowing the Seeds of Greatness

The golden age of Rolex movements, part II: Rolex is complicated by innovations and patent registrations

The Golden Age of Rolex Movements Part III: Branding versus Breakthroughs in Recent Years

The Golden Age of Rolex Movements Part IV: Patents and Predictions for the Future of Rolex Watchmaking

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