The Lord of the Rings series finally reveals the names of the characters

Prime Video reveals the names of the mix of new and familiar characters found in the posters for the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

The names of some of the main characters in Amazon’s next movie The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series have been revealed, and they are a mix of familiar and new.

Topping the list of familiars are Morfydd Clark as Galadriel and Robert Aramayo as Elrond. Both elves played important roles in Peter Jackson The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, but the versions in power rings are more than a thousand years younger. The dwarf prince Durin IV will be played by Owain Arthur and is part of the family that rules the underground kingdom of Khazad-dûm. Readers of JRR Tolkien’s books or players of The Lord of the Rings online may already know his name, as he appeared in both as a king, but only in the appendix to the original novel.

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New characters created for the show include Sophia Nomvete’s dwarf princess Disa. There is no confirmation from Amazon yet whether Princess Disa and Prince Durin IV are related or not. Ismael Cruz Córdova plays the Silvan Elf Arondir, who falls in love with the human Bronwyn, played by Nazanin Boniadi. The final character revealed is Halbrand, played by Charlie Vickers, who is portrayed as a mysterious fugitive trying to escape his past.

power rings takes place during the Second Age of Middle-earth, more than a thousand years before the events of lords of the ring. It will tell the story of the creation of the titular Rings of Power – a story that Tolkien frequently referenced but never wrote himself. Co-showrunner Patrick McKay says the show will dive into how the rings were created and how they affected those who held them. “It’s the story of the creation of all these powers, where they came from and what they did to each of these races,” he said.

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Several of the characters that have been identified and named are played by people of color, and the show’s executive producer, Lindsey Weber, considered this diversity important. “It seemed natural to us that an adaptation of Tolkien’s work reflect what the world is really like,” she said, adding, “Tolkien is for everyone.” She highlighted how one of the key themes of The Lord of the Rings was a variety of races “doing their best when they come out of the isolation of their own cultures and come together”.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premieres on Amazon Prime Video on September 2.

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