The Millennium Video Game Match

The King of Fighters XV and Ubisoft Brawlhalla x Steet Fighter crossing are ready to breathe new life into their respective franchises by awakening a streak as competitive as they are nostalgic. SNK and Capcom are widely regarded as major contributions to the evolution of the fighting game. Throughout history, due to the growing trend of crossover events, their legacies have intertwined.

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Enter the cult classic, SNK versus. Capcom: the match of the millennium. Originally published by SNK for the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999, the roster consists of 26 fighters from the series, including king of fighters, Samurai clash, street fighter, and the dark stalkers. The recent re-release of the game for PC and Nintendo Switch has proven, despite its age, to be a surprisingly tough and responsive fighter. The best fighters boil down to their technique, power, speed, agility and of course, their special attacks and super combo.

ten Zangief

Zangief crouches down to fight in Street Fighter

A fan favorite who first appeared in Street Fighter II, Zangief is a huge heavyweight who is extremely fun to play, but not always fun to fight. Russia’s famous nationalist wrestler has been dubbed the “Red Cyclone” for good reason. Reaching out and clenching his fists, Zangief delivers massive amounts of devastating blows with his spinning clothesline also known as the “Double Lariat”.

Due to his size and strength, the highly resilient, albeit slow, fighter is a difficult opponent to defeat. If his physique isn’t intimidating enough, his awesome moves, including titled “Aerial Russian Slam” and “Russian Beat,” are guaranteed to lower the health meter.

9 Chun-Li

Chun Li Prepares To Fight In SNK Vs Capcom

Chun-Li’s popularity took off after his debut in Street fighter II. Fans instantly connected to its accessible combat mechanics which deliver hard-hitting results when used effectively. With speeds matched only by her SNK her counterpart, Mai Shiranui, the quick and nimble martial artist can gracefully maneuver around her opponent, creating sharp angles of attack with her staggered triangle jump ability.

His signature move, “Hyakuretsukyaku,” a relentless barrage of kicks, can simply be performed by repeatedly pressing the kick button, which will sure do some damage while keeping enemies at bay. His super move, the “Kikosho,” a blast of intense ki energy, is also a key part of his hit list and additionally is destructive when leveled up.


8 Haohmaru

Haohmaru with his arms crossed on a SNK Vs Capcom background

Like Zangief’s SNK rival, Haohmaru possesses such a deadly sword that the blow of his blade, activated by the push of the punch button, can destroy his opponent’s health in just three to four hits. Also known as “Ronin Vagabond”, he is one of the main protagonists of the Samurai clash series, using sword play and small hurricanes as projectiles to keep enemies at bay.

While his defensive skills are average at best and his movement set is limited, the power of his strikes, on her own, is enough to handle larger characters like Zangief and Mr. Bison.

7 Morrigan

Morrigan with his arm outstretched against an SNK vs Capcom background

Of all the characters in Capcom’s horror-themed fight series, the dark stalkers, who make an appearance in this portable 2D crossover, the other Morrigan Aensland is the top force to be reckoned with. The Succubus Queen’s fighting style is comparable to that of a “Shot-clone” or a character with a set of moves reminiscent of Ryu and Ken from Street fighter.

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Its projectile blast, the “Soul Fist”, works similarly to the “Hadouken” analogue. Agile and aerodynamic, shooting those attacks in the air can position her for the upper hand in combat. With a collection of super powerful moves, powerful throws, and solid combat mechanics across the board, the Enchanted Anti-Heroine is a well-rounded fighter and is the top contender in her respective series.

6 Akuma

Akuma with his bright eyes in SNK Vs Capcom

Since its appearance in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the demonic Akuma gained notoriety for being overly subdued. Although his aerial projectile attacks are slow and take comparatively more damage than other fighters, he possesses incredible strength and stamina.

His super combinations are executed at a relentless pace, eliminating any possibility for his opponents to counterattack. In addition to his ability to warp, his supers and specials cover a great distance, especially the “Kongou Kokuretsuzan”, in which he strikes the ground to produce an unblockable lightning bolt followed by a shock wave of energy similar to a geyser. Akuma is certainly one of the most powerful street fighter characters, taking command with the authority of a god.

5 Akari

Akari in an SNK vs Capcom context

Practicing onmyōdō, an amalgamation of science and the occult, Akari Ichijou can exude a bubbly exterior, but even his wackiest techniques are insidiously deadly. The Wizard’s unorthodox move set includes a counter that forces him to fall asleep during battle, as well as a throwing card that equates to being one of the best projectiles in the game, taking precedence over most other attacks fired.

Fans of the Akari series, The last blade, will love his super move, “Shikigami Hyakkiyakou (aka 100 Demons’ Night)”, a summon of multiple characters from the aforementioned SNK fighting game. This skill also reflects his skillful anti-aircraft attacks that counter airborne opponents. While some of her moves require her to be at close range, her speed and unpredictability give her the edge she needs to defeat her opponent.

4 Mr. Bison

Mr. Bison with his arms crossed and smiling in SNK Vs. Capcom

It’s business as usual for the megalomaniac dictator, resulting in a frustrating ordeal for those facing off against the main villain of the street fighter series. The tyrannical enemy harnesses its negative spiritual energy, canonically known as “Psycho Power”, to produce its trademark move, “Psycho Crusher,” which is reminiscent of a flaming torpedo as it propels its body towards its enemies in a spiral trajectory.

The super shot is capable of filling large gaps and dealing a lot of damage, especially when leveled up. While his defensive skills aren’t the tightest, his sturdy stature keeps him resistant to major blows. Surprisingly quick on its feet, the leading heavyweight can cover a lot of ground with the help of teleportation powers. Strikes such as the “Double Head Press” and the “Knee Press” also give him spatial and aerial advantages, allowing him to take control of the stage with ease.

3 Geese

Geese with his arms crossed on a background SNK Vs Capcom

With the ferocity of a storm, SNK’s main antagonist Fatal fury The series calls on the forces of nature to bring thunder. Geese Howard may not be as imposing or physically resilient as his partner in crime, Mr. Bison, but his defense is top notch with counters for standing and aerial attacks. Mother Nature empowers her to produce powerful gusts of wind called “Double Repukken” which are able to penetrate through incoming projectiles.

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Players may find it difficult to grasp the entrance to his super move, “Raging Storm,” which looks like drawing a pretzel. However, if the command is executed successfully, Geese will manipulate gusts of wind in a force field that will hinder airstrikes and wipe out anyone and anything (including projectiles) nearby.

2 Orochi Iori

Orochi Iori hunched over and suffering

Coming from The king of fighters, Iori Yagami is, without a doubt, a worthy competitor in The Millennium Game. But when cursed by his ancestral lineage, he transforms into the sinister Orochi Iori. With a zombified aesthetic, the distressed martial artist maintains his core set of moves with enhanced strength and speed. The caveat to these increased stats is a sacrifice of stamina, as Orochi Iori is likely to take much more damage.

Mastering his very offensive rushdown strategy will help his opponents get stuck and prevent them from triggering counterattacks. High priority moves, long invincibility frames for recovery and tactics to suppress projectile attacks, Orochi Iori brutally justifies his final boss rank.

1 Evil Ryu

Evil Ryu vs a SNK Vs, Capcom background

Orochi Iori’s rival, Evil Ryu is another boosted variant of an already playable fighter serving as the final boss. The dark and sadistic parallel of street fighterThe iconic protagonist of isn’t just the best Shoto-clone character, but undeniably the best fighter in the entire game.

Combining the skills of Ryu and Akuma, Evil Ryu emerges with a combo-heavy offensive strategy that aims to inflict as much pain as possible without skipping a beat. Similar to Orochi Iori, he makes up for his lack of defensive skills with a series of lingering attacks that require a solid understanding of his pace. Players can save points in Olympic mode in order to obtain the “Rakuyo Hadouken” mastery skill. Among the best moves in the game, the named super attack sends out a catastrophic blast of energy, which can also serve as an anti-aircraft counter. Once players acquire his flow, Evil Ryu appears in unstoppable force, ultimately earning him the top spot for best fighter in Millennium Match.

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