The new target of the mother is a child, but which one

Season 2 of HBO’s Raised by Wolves has just given Mother a shocking new mission that leads her to hunt down something deeply personal.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for the first two episodes of Raised by Wolves Season 2, now available on HBO Max.

In Raised by wolves, Mother (Amanda Collin) has created a divisive figure by conditioning the children of her atheist colony to despise the Mithraic religion. Gradually, however, she learned compassion, even winning over the religious children she kidnapped. This warmed young Campion, who was happy knowing that she could rebuke the monster within and change from the war machine called Necromancer to her more human form in Lamia. Unfortunately, with Mother now in the tropical zone with other atheists, her new mission could break her. This is because she soon realized that if she wants to maintain this utopia, she will have to kill one of her children – the most dangerous of all.

Apart from Campion, five others were removed from a Mithraic contingent, Mother leaving them the choice of faith they follow. All she wants is for them to be happy and taken care of in this new colony on Kepler-22b. However, the seventh child, the giant snake she gave birth to, now wanders around and causes major havoc.

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It is unknown how Mother gave birth to this being, but it ties in with science and mysticism blending together on this planet where humanity is trying to create a new Earth. Only Father was aware of the existence of the floating serpent, which grew exponentially in size, but he left the final decision to Mother. He didn’t know if Lamia could control him or if there were tribes capable of killing him if he became the destroyer he thought he would be.

The mother must kill the snake in Raised by Wolves to protect her children

Well, Mother was spurred into action when the snake attacked atheists near the beach, killing children in the process. She took up arms and went hunting, finding a snakeskin and breathing fire on it. She wants revenge on the dead children of the Collective, fearing that they could have been hers. However, by showing this anger, fans wondered if she could still access old weapons from her necromancer form or if she had new tools in her arsenal, even though she didn’t know it.

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They may soon go on a rampage as she is driven by rage and emotion. More so, she will want to impress the Trust, the AI ​​running the colony, which was built by the human who reprogrammed her, the original Campion, hinting that empathy can be thrown out the window.

Interestingly, while Lamia thought the snake attacked Campion at night, he was really trying to communicate with him, so he might try to save him. What will further complicate Mother’s mission is that Marcus and his new Mithraic cult seek to ally themselves with the Serpent, to use it as a weapon to find the Tree of Knowledge and burn the atheists. So even if Lamia falls in love with her “child” again, she might be forced to kill him to prevent him from being turned into a WMD by his enemies and destroying his new paradise.

The first two episodes of Raised by Wolves Season 2 are now streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes every Thursday.

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