The X-Men’s Secret Battlesuits Prepare Mutants For War

Mutant inventor Forge secretly develops technology that will turn every citizen of Krakoan into a weapon, and uses Cyclops to test it.

Warning: Contains spoilers for x-men #8

The Mutant Nation of Krakoa is viewed with suspicion from the rest of the world, as the idea of ​​an entire race of super-powered beings rallying under one banner is certainly frightening. According to a revelation made in the latest issue of x-men #8, by Gerry Duggan, Javier Pina and Marte Gracia, these fears might be justified, as a genius mutant inventor Forge develops new technology to turn every mutant into a weapon.

The founding of Krakoa was a bold political decision. The mutants put aside their differences after realizing that they fight each other much more than they fight against humans. Every mutant on Earth now has a home, and after decades of persecution, it has turned them from victims into a force to be reckoned with. The mutants quickly created an efficient organization and made Krakoa a utopia, using their gifts and the galaxy’s most advanced technology. The X-Men, after being briefly disbanded, became the flagship mutant team, the heroes representing the mutant kind before the rest of the world. The new members of the X-Men were selected by a telepathic election that called on all mutants on Earth, and of course Cyclops was one of the chosen ones, until he was killed during a mission, his death being televised. To avoid exposing mutant resurrection protocols, Cyclops had to assume another public identity, Captain Krakoa, who uses a high-tech suit created by Forge to simulate a completely different set of superpowers.


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Ever since, Cyclops has struggled with this new identity. After years of bleeding in the service of humans and mutants, he doesn’t like having to hide. Journalist Ben Urich was about to discover the resurrection protocols, and the Silent Council of Krakoa decided to erase his memory in a highly controversial move. Should the world find out that mutants are now virtually immortal, the consequences could be disastrous. What readers didn’t know, however, was that Captain Krakoa’s suit wasn’t designed specifically for Cyclops. Scott has just submitted it to a test; the technology is developed by Forge for mutants that do not have high combat potential. Not all mutant gifts are useful in a fight. In fact, most mutants are non-combatants, and Krakoan Battle Suits will be made to fix that.

The consequences of this technology are unpredictable, although Forge’s reasoning is sound. As he says, “Making more mutants doesn’t automatically mean we get stronger“He Reminds Scott”who is in line behind“, the millions of mutants who will live on Krakoa, painting a target for all their enemies. Something similar happened in the past: the mutant nation of Genosha was home to sixteen million mutants, and most of them have were massacred by Cassandra Nova’s Wild Sentinels during the Genoshan Genocide. The island of Utopia, home to the majority of the mutant population at the time, came under constant attack, before sinking into the sea. It makes sense then that the ordinary citizens of Krakoa could defend themselves, but Forge underestimates the possible backlash his technology could have. Mutants are already feared for their gifts, what will happen when the world will learn that each of them can be equipped with superpowers suitable for combat?

What Forge fact, essentially, gives a powerful weapon to every citizen of Krakoan. Although his intentions are good and the Krakoans have a right to defend themselves, it is possible that this decision could further destabilize the already strained relationship between Krakoa and the rest of the world. How many more secrets x-men guard, before the team crumbles under their weight?

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