Top commission approves name of mountain bike trail

The trail was built by volunteers working with Henry Campbell of Superior. He started this effort as a main project when he attended Marshall School in Duluth.

Over the two summers after graduating in 2019, Campbell coordinated volunteers to make the trail loop a reality.

“It looks in excellent condition,” Gene Rosberg, a member of the Superior Parks and Recreation Commission, said at the commission meeting on Thursday, October 28. “I think you did a good job with it, Henry.”

“The senior slide shows slack, and you haven’t slacked off, so what brought you to that name? Asked Commissioner Elizabeth Noren.

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“Maybe it’s a little ironic, but part of it is because the project started when the senior slide could have been held instead,” Campbell said.

However, he said the geography of the trail helped decide on the name.

“The trail kind of crosses the ravine to the left part of the Millennium Trail that goes along that field, so you kind of slide up and down the ravines,” Campbell said. “That’s how we got to this name.”

The Parks and Recreation Commission unanimously approved the new name, initiating the city’s process to name the park facilities.

For 60 days, the public will have the opportunity to vote on the new name. If there are no major objections to the name, the commission would recommend it to the Higher City Council once the public comment period is over.

The work is not done for Campbell and the volunteers. Construction of a second mountain bike loop began this summer.

“We hope to continue working on this next segment starting next spring,” Campbell said.

“I appreciate all the volunteer hours you put into this,” said Keith Kern, chairman of the commission.

He encouraged Campbell to continue to be smart with the name of the next loop so that it all ties together.