Umphrey’s McGee rocks Iceland on first night of Röckjavik destination event [Photos]

McGee of Umphrey finally arrived at the magnificent Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Reykjavik on Friday for kick-off ROCKJAVIKthe group’s first-ever destination event in Iceland.

After a VIP set with performances of “It Doesn’t Matter,” “Red Tape,” “Blue Echo,” “Wellwishers” and “Orfeo,” Umphrey’s globetrotting faithful crammed into the sprawling Eldborg Hall for a two-set UM blowout.

As rain continued to dampen the Icelandic capital, spirits inside the theater were high as the band plunged into an opening set capped off by a grand “Utopian Fir” wrapped around an explosive rendition of pink floyd‘s “Shine on you Crazy Diamond”.

The second set got off to a good start with a raunchy “Der Bluten Kat” that took a detour to the heartfelt “Final Word”. Brendan Bayliss shed light on the rainy weather with a few well-placed ad-libs, referencing the two-year postponement of Icelandic shows and toeing the line “can’t make up for the bad weather, pray for tomorrow to be better” with “n’ doesn’t matter if it doesn’t,” to the delight of the crowd.

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The appearance of prescient songs like “Half Delayed” and “All In Time” reflected the gratitude on stage and in the audience that these shows were finally taking place, while a huge set-closer “The Bottom Half” provided the program. glorious jam products that attracted so many fans to Iceland in the first place.

An eventful encore kicked off with “Andy’s Last Beer” and continued through “August” before “All In Time” nodded again to wrap things up, adding a final note of patient gratitude to the proceedings. .

After Umphrey’s show, the party continued to roll in Reykjavik with late night performances by an instrumental prog-jam quartet TAUK and Icelandic rockers The Vintage Caravan.

Check out some photos from McGee RÖCKJAVIK of Umphrey’s first night in Reykjavik, Iceland, via photographer below. Daniel Ojeda.

set list [via All Things Umphrey’s]: Umphrey’s McGee | ROCKJAVIK | Harp | Reykjavik, Iceland | 03/25/22

VIP Set: It Doesn’t Matter, Red Tape, Blue Echo, Wellwishers, Orfeo

First series: You got the wrong guy > Diver > The white man’s moccasins[1] > Sweetness-> Booth Love > Utopian Fir > Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd) > Utopian Fir[2]

Set 2: Der Bluten Kat[3] > Final word > Der Bluten Kat, Half Delayed > All In Time[4] > In the dark, the lower half[1]

Encore: Andy’s Last Beer, August > Later