Utopia P2P and Crypton start trading on P2PB2B in October

UUSD is a fully private and fully decentralized stablecoin with 100% transparent support in DAI, verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain. UUSD transactions cannot be traced, balances cannot be identified and funds cannot be frozen by any authority. This is possible because UUSD is built on the serverless, peer-to-peer blockchain of Utopia P2P.

Crypton (CRP) is the native currency of the Utopia P2P ecosystem and we are excited to announce that the UUSD and CRP will start trading on P2PB2B in October.

What is the Utopia P2P ecosystem?

P2P Utopia is a complete online ecosystem based on revolutionary peer-to-peer technology with cutting-edge encryption protocols and privacy features. Development on Utopia began secretly in 2013 and it was officially released in November 2019.

Utopia P2P features:

1) Encrypted communication by text, voice and e-mail, without any central server to compromise;

2) A built-in wallet and crypto cards for traders. Utopia’s cryptocurrency, Crypton (CRP), is accepted for payments with built-in APIs;

3) Network based on peer-to-peer technology. No centralized servers. Each user participates in the routing process;

4) Easy mining. Run Utopia mining robots online and earn Cryptons;

5) Anonymity is preserved. Your privacy is protected by Utopia. Neither your IP address nor your identity is visible;

6) Utopia Name System – uNS. It is a truly decentralized and uncensored registry, superior to traditional DNS;

7) Secure web browser. Alternative to Tor. You can access the Utopia ecosystem using the built-in Idyll browser;

8) Secure data storage and transmission. With Utopia, high-speed encryption is provided by 256-bit AES and 25519 curve.

As part of the Utopia P2P ecosystem, you will also be able to access Crypton Exchange. With it, you can invest safely and easily in Crypton cryptocurrency. In addition to providing first-class service to both novices and professionals, Crypton Exchange offers the industry-leading order book matching engine.

Want to buy Crypton (CRP) and Utopia USD (UUSD)?

UUSD and CRP will be available for trades on the P2PB2B exchange end of October 2021. Registrations will be announced on P2PB2B shortly.

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🔶 Utopia official website: https://u.is/

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