Utopia University launches free program to educate the masses about NFTs

Utopia University, an innovative private organization, announces the launch of its NFT Education Program, a 24-hour live NFT learning experience for everyone

The program is free and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, location or financial situation. “It is important that we include everyone when we teach NFT,” said Alan Gordon, founder of Utopia University. “NFTs have unique financial properties, in many ways similar to real estate, so they represent the best chance today for non-wealthy people to acquire wealth.”

We’ve all heard that NFTs are a perfect market for small, individual investors, but why have so many people stayed away? Because it’s confusing, says Gordon. “Of course, everyone is talking about NFTs, but the language of cryptocurrency is still unfamiliar and confusing to most people. No one will invest even a small part of their money in something they don’t understand.

But it’s more than the terminology that is confusing. Setting up the necessary trading accounts is a challenge, and even once accounts are established there is a dizzying array of dogs and monkeys, weasels and whales to research and choose from. “Currently, the NFT market is appealing to the minds of young people who are not locked into old ways of thinking about money,” said Gordon, “but I’m here to tell you that NFTs are for grandmas and grandpas, moms and dads, customer service reps, nurses, teachers, and EMT workers. We want everyone, regardless of background or economic status, to understand how NFTs work and why they are so suitable for the less wealthy.

Despite the promise of NFTs, they remain speculative investments, so Gordon and most other experts warn individuals not to invest more than 10% of their assets in NFTs and cryptocurrency.

In 2014, artist Kevin McCoy launched the first NFT collection. Then in 2017, CryptoPunks became the first notable NFT collection on the Ethereum platform. The global NFT market has practically exploded since then, as it has gained notoriety. Between 2020 and 2021, NFT sales have grown from $95 million to $25 billion, and of course, with this explosive influx of money, many people have become very wealthy.

Today, airlines, sports leagues, retail and restaurant chains, real estate and finance industries have all started integrating NFTs into their business strategy. Universities are experimenting with NFTs as a way to verify transcripts and degrees.

Despite the growing popularity of NFTs and the growing number of mainstream use cases, most people still don’t know how NFTs actually work, which makes the launch of the NFT Education Discussion Group Live 24 Hours out of 24 particularly timely. said Gordon, “It’s very important that as many people as possible become NFT literate now so they can fully participate in the variety of emerging applications.”

According to Gordon, he spoke to people young and old and found that most people are still quite confused about NFTs. “In our help desk, we break it down into small steps and use language they understand. We explain the opportunities and risks of investing in NFTs. Once we get them past the initial confusion stage, they become empowered to participate in this emerging, yet very important, financial model..”

For more information on the free NFT support discussion group and to participate in the initiative as well as other Utopia University projects, visit – www.utopiauniversity.org and on Twitter with the #ProjectUtopia99.

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Utopia University is an innovative private organization based on enlightened principles. The goal is to provide a trust-based space where all members can thrive in full self-expression, explore their highest abilities, rise to follow their true passions, become abundant in their thinking and building towards the best version of their future. .

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