“Utopian” planning policy reforms catch fire in industry

Critics of the NSW Government’s Design and Location State Environmental Planning (SEPP) policy show no signs of cooling, industry heavyweights calling it “impractical and inadequate”.

Urban Taskforce chief executive Tom Forrest called on the NSW government to ‘immediately release’ Deloitte’s full cost-benefit analysis to better understand the impacts on bottom lines, which it says him, could be a decrease of 1% of the profit margin.

“There’s a lot of cost pressure right now and the last thing we need is an architect-designed utopian SEPP that further increases delivery costs at a time when we can least afford it,” said said Forrest.

“It looks like Rob Stokes is throwing confetti over his shoulder as he walks out the door.”

The SEPP Design and Place is part of a larger review of all SEPPs in the state and aims to “simplify and consolidate” the ways to address sustainability and deliver good design.

New South Wales Housing Council executive director Luke Acherstraat argued that the planning guide would hamper growth and negatively impact housing investment and affordability.

“The SEPP as presented is impractical and insufficient attention has been paid to the impact on the viability of new housing for current and future generations – this has significant implications for families in NSW who wish to purchase their first house, “said Achterstraat.

“Specifically, the rigid application of loosely defined principles will simply lead to well-designed projects in a queue.

“Australians are off auction prices every Saturday. . “

Acherstraat said NSW government policy would jeopardize the feasibility of further housing investments in Greater Sydney.

“The Prime Minister has rightly promised that housing affordability is high on the list, but imposing additional costs and process delays in an already complex system only increases the price for first-time home buyers.

“The SEPP exhibit represents a step in the wrong direction for the twin engines – stimulating supply and planning – that the state government oversees to improve housing affordability. “

Design et Place SEPP is on display until February 28, 2022.