Utopian Unicorns introduces NFT collectors to the Bizzare collection

LAS VEGAS, September 27, 2021 Utopian Unicorns will auction a NFT 10,000 series of unique unicorns produced from 189 features. The team has announced its debut to welcome collectors into the next generation of community development.

Utopian Unicorns has assured collectors of a perfect utopia with their roadmap. In addition, they will soon announce the public launch date of the collection on their site.

Over the years, Axie Infinity and Zed Run have explored the capabilities of NFT. Now the utopian unicorns are ready to change the world’s perspective on NFTs.

Utopian Unicorns: Redefining the NFT World

Utopian Unicorns aims to take the most innovative inventions and use the innovations ten times to improve the utility of their business.

In addition, they want to include works like Decentral and Virtual Real Estate in a collection of NFT. The team intends to change the way NFT works.

Their goal is to reinvent the value proposition of NFTs and build the infrastructure for the next generation of development. More so, they promised to delve into virtual immobilization, games, relics and much more.

Roadmap of utopian unicorns to improve the perfect utopia

The Utopian Unicorn Society is the next generation in the evolution of the NFT community. They’re not just going to sell NFTs; their goal is to build a utopian community for life.

The only Gip who created these unicorns is a Boston artist with over 30 years of creative expertise.

Additionally, each Unicorn has their own NFT Relic built into the Metaverse. It will be due very soon at no additional cost. Each Unicorn is also kept on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token.

Owning a unicorn gives you membership in Utopia, the community of friends and friends we create for life. Being a member of Utopia has many advantages. It also gives you access to all the value our team continues to create for our community.

Phase towards advanced NFTs

Utopian scientists at Test Site Omega make a magnificent breakthrough. It is a gateway that allows Unicorns to cross space, time and even dimensions.

In addition, it is rumored that collectors could obtain powerful relics such as other planets. This is to give their utopian unicorn owners enormous abilities.

Each Unicorn now has the unique opportunity to claim a free Utopian Relic. These artifacts set the stage for further development when the team begins Phase III.

The team will now research new technologies, platforms and communities. Then, they will create strategic collaborations. They aim to connect VRF, Loot, Decentraland and others to their community-centric goal.

You can find out more about: https://twitter.com/UtopianUnicorns or UtopianUnicorns.com

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