Voicebot Acceptance: Exceeding Customer Expectations –

Technology for recognizing words spoken by a person has achieved unprecedented accuracy. It is complemented by advances in AI and machine learning that help understand the meaning of spoken words, arrive at the speaker’s intent, and respond with appropriate responses.

This should be the golden age of voicebots. The evolution of technology to support useful, high-quality voice assistants is stellar. The biggest barrier to acceptance is a lag in use based on a mismatch between basic technology capabilities and human expectations. The problem is winning over skeptics whose past experience taints their current expectations and skeptics with low expectations for voice robots and virtual assistants.

In this white paper, Opus Research offers guidance for brands and companies creating intelligent virtual assistants and voice robots to tackle user hesitation head-on. Included is a checklist for “Voice Assistant Acceptance” that focuses on how successful businesses will focus on conversations that result in completed tasks.

With enterprise solutions like PolyAI, brands can shift their focus from technical challenges — such as tools, training, accuracy, and APIs — to core behavioral challenges that drive adoption and repeat use.

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