WDW 50 – Looking back on 50 years of parades: Tapestry of nations

Walt Disney World is about to begin celebrating its 50th anniversary with the world’s most magical celebration, but as we look forward to everything new, we also look back on everything that was, and in the case of ‘today a parade of a different celebration.

In 1999, the new millennium was approaching and EPCOT did everything to welcome the millennium celebration to welcome the year 2000. This celebration was not just a party through Walt disney world, but also a message of peace and understanding and hope for harmony across the world. Part of it was one of the most unique parades to ever grace Walt Disney World (and one of the longest!), The Tapestry of Nations!

Located in EPCOT’s global showcase, the Tapestry of Nations made its way along the promenade with giant puppets, rolling drums and one of the most recognizable pieces of music ever created for a Disney park. The music, appearing decades later in a spectacular new firework display, EPCOT Forever, still garners cheers from the crowd almost every night as soon as this piece of music is heard.

Performers controlled giant puppets (designed by Michael Curry): Angel, Aztec, Birdman, Discman, Hammerman, Reverse Marionette, Sprite, and Wiggle Girl, which all remind us that we are many nations and we are many people, but in each one. from us we all have the same threads of joy, kindness, compassion and love that weave to form our human spirit. Each of us and our ethnic and cultural differences are represented by different groups of puppets. Within each group, each puppet is different.

Here in this circle of nations, the Millennium Walk reminds us that we are indeed one earthly family. Join us… as we celebrate the circle of life… the family of human race … The Tapestry of Nations!

The Tapestry of Nations remained at EPCOT through the millennium celebration and until the next big event, 100 Years of Magic (celebrating Walt Disney’s 100th anniversary), but became the Tapestry of Dreams before retiring in March. 2003.

Cole and I took a closer look at this gorgeous EPCOT classic and you can find our articles below. You can also find (arguably) the EPCOT and Disney fan-favorite Super Bowl halftime show, which featured not only music and puppets from the Tapestry of Nations, but Illuminations: Reflections as well. of Earth, and the anthem of the festivities, “Celebrate the Future Hand in hand.”

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