What are the longest Pokemon games? List updated to 2022

Pokémon Legends Arceus has managed to reconcile with fans, with pleasing feelings from both critics and audiences alike, who have also responded to make Game Freak’s new title a true commercial success. The series is going in the right direction and this time offers us a gripping, addictive, fun and fresh video game. We demanded a Pokemon game with a long and varied endgame, and here it is. If you want to explore the Pokémon universe even more, in this article we review the 5 longest Pokémon games to date. You need a GBA, Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS, the platforms where these unforgettable titles were released.

  • Pokemon Black 2 & White 2
  • Pokemon X/Y
  • Pokémon Emerald
  • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
  • Pokémon Platinum

Pokemon Black 2 & White 2

  • Duration of the story: 35 hours.
  • 100% completion time:: 190 hours.

It is generally accepted that Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, along with Black 2 and White 2, are two of the most excellent and outstanding pairings of the two-dimensional Pokémon era. In fact, these titles released in 2012 on Nintendo DS were the last, the farewell to the 2D era. And what a farewell. Not only did we have a bigger and more extensive Unova, but we were able to learn what happened two years after the events chronicled in black and white. In these titles, completing the Pokémon League was just the beginning. It is a tribute to the five generations, thus closing an impeccable circle that has allowed us for the first time in history to participate in the Pokémon World Tournament, a kind of tournament with leaders of all generations. Capturing legendaries such as Larios or Latias, Heatran, Cresselia, the three Regis plus Regigigas, Kyurem, and the original challenges from all five World Tournament regions were a lot of fun. To this was added an online mode which had, finally, a gigantic community. This is where competitive play had its first golden age, with a much-loved meta. To top it off, being a fifth generation game, the National Pokédex was a major challenge, having to capture 649 Pokémon. A masterful title in which we could say that Game Freak was very comfortable.

Pokemon X/Y

What are the longest Pokemon games?  List updated to 2022

  • Duration of the story: 30 hours
  • 100% completion time: more than 200 hours.

The sixth generation is not the best, but it is one of the most important historically because it was the first in three dimensions. This is where Game Freak began to sow the fruits which were later reaped in Alola and Galar. The good thing about the X and Y editions, available on Nintendo 3DS and taking place in the Kalos region (based in France), is that their endgame is very generous in content. On the one hand we have the Unknown Dungeon arc and Terminus Cave once we have completed the Pokémon League. But, above all, the number of hours offered by the Battle House, the Friend Safari and the secret of the Mega Stone. All this without forgetting breeding, Super Training and a multiplayer system that remains one of the best to date (amazing bottom screen management). Very long, although his campaign is not one of the best. Completing the Pokédex was really rewarding in Kalos.

Pokémon Emerald

What are the longest Pokemon games?  List updated to 2022

  • Duration of the story: 30 hours
  • 100% completion time: more than 200 hours.

Pokémon Emerald is an example of how to evolve the third version. While that practice seems to be behind us – Sword and Shield have moved to the expansion pass, which has resulted in steady sales of both titles – it used to be very common to have a third edition that expanded cartridges. origin; in this case, Ruby and Sapphire. In addition to the post-match already known originally in Hoenn, this time a station called Battle Frontier was inaugurated, a complex of seven coliseums in which each of them featured a frontier mastermind. By beating each ace for the first time, we got a silver chip; by beating it for the second time, we received that of gold. The key lies in the difficulty of reaching this golden symbol, because in the case of the Battle Tower, for example, it was necessary to defeat this location ten times in a row, without losing. Each coliseum was different; each one more ingenious and particular. A joy. Add to that the completion of the Pokédex or the events of Lugia and Ho-Oh, Groudon and Kyogre, Latios and Latias, Mew or Deoxys, and the experience spans months or years.

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

What are the longest Pokemon games?  List updated to 2022

  • Story length: 36-38 hours
  • 100% completion time: more than 200 hours.

For many, the best Pokemon game ever made. The remakes of Gold and Silver, are still in 2022, an absolute joy due to the quality of their design, their improvement over the originals and their adaptation to the fourth generation – the one in force at the time. Johto was better and more beautiful than ever, with Kanto as the second region and, above all, many hours ahead. Absolutely sensational. Besides that, its vast Pokédex, rematches, its two leagues, and what about the clash against Red, which is surely one of the most emotional battles and one of the most complicated against the AI ​​of a game Pokemon. For the rest, Safari Zone, the Battle Frontier, the Shiny Leaves, the Pokéathlon trials, the capture of legendaries… A title that exudes affection and that came loaded with hours, lore and dedication.

Pokémon Platinum

What are the longest Pokemon games?  List updated to 2022

  • Story length: 35 hours
  • 100% completion time: more than 230 hours.

Without a doubt, the definitive way to play Sinnoh. Pokémon Platinum arrived sometime after Pearl and Diamond on Nintendo DS with a great protagonist, Giratina, who took us on an intriguing tour of the Distortion World. However, the game fixed the pacing and development issues of the original cartridges and made the adventure through this wintry Sinnoh much more enjoyable, complete and varied. After the Sinnoh Pokémon League, we were challenged to get the National Pokédex -after registering all Pokemon in Sinnoh- and completing the National Mode. But that’s not all, because Sinnoh is synonymous with lore and legends, as we saw in Pokémon Legends Arceus. Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, the Regigigas event, the Battle Zone with Heatran, the Spear Pillar with Dialga and Palkia, the Giratina event… In addition, the Battle Frontier was very difficult and long, although not as expanse than Emerald . A title that crowned the fourth generation and which is, with all that, one of the most generous titles in content ever made in Pokémon.