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Channel 4 released the British thriller drama series Utopiawritten by Dennis Kelly, in 2013. The series follows a community of comic book fans who believe in the cult graphic novel, Utopia experiences, has predicted several disastrous epidemics, such as mad cow disease. A sequel that has not been released is said to contain more information about other future world events. When a group of Utopia passionate friends get their hands on the manuscript, they suddenly find themselves dangerously in over their heads on a high-stakes adventure to learn more about the secrets the manuscript contains.


While a secret organization known as “The Network” also wants the manuscript, they aren’t afraid to kill anyone in their path. A happy ending seemed far from their reach. The original and brilliant British series unfortunately did not get the recognition it deserved, unlike the American remake, Utopia. However, from fans who embarked on this gritty, nerve-wracking roller coaster, it was hailed as a masterpiece, so let’s see why.

Everyone loves a conspiracy theory

While Utopia is a powerful and electrifying series, it has surprisingly become known as a cult classic, with only a small group of fans recognizing its incredible potential. It was unfortunately fired from Channel 4 after just two seasons and remains underrated almost everywhere. The distinct series (which most would recognize as soon as they hit that play button) challenges you with its paranoia- and conspiracy-filled storyline and feels like a mystery that’s impossible to answer. The consequences of hiding in the shadows of the plot he projects on his audience can fracture reality as we know it, making Utopia simultaneously outrageous, yet realistic and totally believable.

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From the first episode, we were introduced to grotesque violence and courage, including even an ultimately disturbing school massacre scene, which actually sparked controversy for its timing, being only a month after the school shooting. elementary Sandy Hook in the United States. Despite this, the series dared to go the extra mile with perhaps the best shock value, incredibly stunning violence, and dramatic tension that had audiences cringe while enjoying the musically and visually stunning spectacle.

That’s why it’s so hard to understand why the show has been so overlooked; however, with the events of 2020 and an actual pandemic and virus, people might be even more intrigued to see what dark themes of extinction, epidemics, deranged society and conspiracies Utopia has to offer.

Guess your answer

Something that was so addictive about Utopia was the way the audience was constantly guessing; the shocking plot twists seemed to go into your head, and it was easy to imagine how everyone’s thoughts were racing. The most mind-blowing part of the show was the inability to tell which side everyone was on. The good guys become the bad guys, and the bad guys become the good guys, as the series’ ethical questions of morality and utilitarianism get under the audience’s skin.

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Each episode had you questioning your decisions, who your allegiance was, and who was good and bad. There was clearly a good side and a bad side, but even the characters doubted themselves, which made each episode a shock. It’s fair to say that usually with TV shows you always have a clear idea of ​​who’s bad or what the answer is, but Utopia was genuinely unpredictable and even raised questions about who you are as a person. Utopia Very subtly explores the villain’s perspective without ever revealing it.

Both seasons are an experience full of unnerving panic and distress, and leave you with a lot of anxiety about what’s to come next. It gets so addicting, and for that reason, it can be considered one of the best and most bingeworthy shows ever made. Despite the brutality of the story and the mind-bending plots throughout, the characters are written so intricately, each of them being used to their full potential. Each character was brought to life with brilliant acting, especially from Neil Maskell, Adeel Akhtar and Fiona O’Shaugnessy.

What compliments the actors and is so catchy about Utopia It may be one of the darkest stories on television, yet fills your screen with an immense amount of color. From a bright green field, to a sudden pop of bright yellow and red mailboxes. It’s almost refreshing to have such colorful footage amidst such dark and disturbing scenes and almost forces us to keep our eyes glued to the screen. It also makes the bright and colorful world more menacing.

Ultimately, the series is quite thrilling to watch. It’s sure to get your heart racing, and it’s an adrenaline-pumping experience that’s also smart and witty. It’s always a great feeling to discover a new masterpiece, especially a series that you know you can watch many times, and Utopia is undoubtedly one of them. Hopefully it will eventually get the attention it deserves with its gritty story and fantastic acting and aesthetics.

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