Why do Mandalorians hate Jedi?

Something like instigating a war that leads to the destruction of your home world can result in the hatred of those who destroyed it, don’t you agree?

Welcome to the brief summary of what we know about the Mandalorian-Jedi War.

Mandalore in the star wars cannon

In the star wars universe, Mandalore is a planet located in the Outer Rim territories, historically recognized as a world primarily of warriors, often referred to as Mandalorian commandos, who have engaged in numerous conflicts for various reasons, including their long-term conflict with the Jedi.

To understand the specific origins and stories of this conflict, fans need to acknowledge the storyline changes that occurred when Disney purchased the star wars George Lucas franchise in 2012.

This $4 billion purchase came as a big surprise when Disney and Lucasfilm announced that all star wars stories made to this point, with the exception of movies and clone wars (especially the CGI animated series), will not necessarily be recognized as part of reality star wars the cannon advances. This includes hundreds if not thousands of documents created over 35 years thrown into a black hole, from novels to video games to comics, which may or may not be part of the new star wars cannon.

In a slight attempt to avoid confusion, anything other than movies and clone wars made before the Disney purchase is now called “Star Wars Legends”, while everything made since is called “Star Wars Canon”. But, remember, the force is strong with Disney, so they can resurrect a character or two…or even an entire story!

This brings us to our current dilemma: what should we believe now about the history between the Jedi and the Mandalorians?

Don’t worry, my padawans, because I’m going to break this down in an easy-to-understand way.

The Mandalorian-Jedi War Did Happen

Obi-Wan Kenobi fights a Mandalorian (a still from the Clone Wars episode, “The Mandalore Plot”)

I know these commandos who fought in many wars; often against the Jedi,” Obi-Wan Kenobi says of the Mandalorians, in the series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Disney recognizes this series as official canon, which means that there is indeed a very controversial history between the Mandalorians and our force-wielder friends.

This isn’t the only time a long-running conflict between the two is mentioned on the show, either. More clues are dropped in The Mandalorianand even star wars rebelsbut nothing provides substantial details.

If George Lucas is the king of star warsDave Filoni is her prince

Dave Filoni is a producer, writer, director and creator of numerous star wars stories. Some know him as executive producer of The Mandalorian, which he also sometimes directs and writes. He also happens to be the executive creative director of Lucasfilm. For these and many other reasons, we could call it “The Guardian of the Cannon”.

Elaborating on the Mandalorians in an interview with comicbook.com, Filoni said, “Their arsenal is very well designed to fight the Jedi. Their armor is a reaction to the Jedi and their technology increased significantly once they collided with them.

He goes on to mention the Mandalorian-Jedi conflict that started the war, but never goes into detail as he wisely leaves such things for future stories.

Thus, it seems clear that the Mandalorian-Jedi conflict is considered to have taken place. Maybe we have to temporarily rely on Star Wars Legends to figure out some details.

How did this war between the light sword people and the cool armor people start?

One of Mandalore’s domed cities (an image from the Clone Wars episode, “The Mandalore Plot”)

The Mandalorian-Jedi conflict, which occurred thousands of years before the events of The Mandalorian, was sparked when the Mandalorians expanded their territory by conquering other worlds (known as the Mandalorian Crusades). The Galactic Republic eventually responded by defending these worlds against the Mandalorian invaders, successfully driving them out. Of course, the Jedi were part of the Republic, and their supernatural ability proved to undermine Mandalorian commandos who had never encountered such skill.

More than three thousand years later, which brings us to several hundred years before The Mandalorian, an event known as the Mandalorian Excision left the surface of the planet Mandalore nearly useless, ultimately turning a once habitable land into an uninhabitable wasteland. The devastation was caused by an unprovoked strike on Mandalore by the Republic, due to their extreme concern that the Mandalorians, who were growing in their military might, would soon use that power to expand and conquer worlds as they did. did during the Mandalorian-Jedi Conflict.

At the time, Mandalore was ruled by the warriors among them, but this event is considered to have changed Mandalorian ideals, giving rise to generations of peacemakers who eventually prevailed in power over Mandalore.

How did they manage to survive in a world that suddenly became a desert? They used their engineering prowess to create huge domed cities on the planet’s surface in which to live.

Back to the cannon

Several scenarios on Mandalore appear in the CGI animation clone wars series and are therefore official star wars cannon.

In short, these stories tell us that many Mandalorians refused to alienate the warrior mentality and instead alienated the planet. Some eventually united as Death Watch and briefly managed to take over Mandalore before falling back.

Although “Mandalorians hate Jedi” is often stated in star wars fandom is too general to be true. It’s more accurate to say that some of the more than four million Mandalorians hate the Jedi and some hold animosity towards them, but there’s little evidence that most despise the Jedi…unless star wars Canon changes again and decides otherwise.