Why Jay Garrick’s Helmets Are Used For Speedster Experiments

In the 150th episode of The Flash, Jay Garrick’s helmet played a role in a scientific procedure. Here is what we know about the function of the helmet.

In Lightning In the 15th episode, Jay Garrick’s helmet quietly played a role in a scientific procedure performed by Team Flash – here’s why. More than just a cosmetic addition to his comic book costume, the iconic helmet has practical purposes in the Arrowverse. A staple of the Golden Age Flash look since it first appeared in a comic book in 1940, it’s no surprise that the Arrowverse incorporated it into its own version of the Crimson Comet. Interestingly, the winged helmet appeared on Flash long before John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick.

Coming out of a wormhole in the Season 1 finale raised questions from Team Flash about what it meant, but to fans, it was a glaring hint of the original DC Comics Flash. Then, in Season 2, the show apparently featured Jay (Teddy Sears) with his classic look, but that character turned out to be the evil impostor, Zoom. Later, the real Jay Garrick was revealed to be an alternate Earth lookalike of Barry’s father. After bursting onto the scene, Earth-3’s Flash became a key ally of Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash. His status became a mystery when “Crisis on Infinite Earths” occurred, with viewers wondering for over a year about his place in the resurgent multiverse.

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Sparkle eventually brought him back for Episode 15 as a target of the Godspeed Army. After allying with Team Flash, he used his neural hyper-collider machine to send Barry into the consciousness of August Heart. During this scene Barry could be seen wearing Jay’s helmet. As to why this was necessary, it was explained during Jay’s last appearance in Season 6. When they used the Neural Hyper-Collider to project Barry’s mind into the future, Joan Williams explained. that the helmet would channel tachyons into his brain and ignite his synaptic pathways so that his consciousness could reach the future. In other words, the headset itself is what makes this experience work.

The Flash Episode 150 Jay Garrick Helmet

The exact technology that provides the helmet with this ability has not been specified, but there have been other instances where it has been proven to have a real purpose in the Arrowverse. For example, Jay was able to lean on the helmet to reflect bullets when he fought Mark Hamill’s Trickster in a Season 3 episode. The comic book version of the Winged Helmet has no scientific use, but it does. is also seen as an asset to Jay.

Previously worn by his father during WWI, it can be thrown at opponents like Captain America’s shield. And similar to its Arrowverse counterpart, it can protect Jay from ranged attacks. It may be that after Lightning Jay Garrick gets his helmet back from Barry in the Season 7 finale, he will have the opportunity to further demonstrate his abilities against Heart’s Godspeed clone army.

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