Why Your Credit Score Might Drop Unexpectedly

When you’re evaluating the status of your credit ratings over a long amount of time, then you’re bound to encounter a confusing circumstance. It’s not like anything changed in the way you manage your accounts however, your credit score has changed without reason. If this happens when you’re making an application for credit cards or small business loans, as well as other credit products A credit score decrease could be quite frightening.

Here’s the reason and the way credit scores may fall and what you could be able to do to fix it.

Reasons Why Your Credit Score Can Drop

Scores for credit are computed when a person requests them, an institution, for instance or when you review your own score. FICO as well as VantageScore are the two main firms that develop the formulas that compute credit scores. These credit scores evaluate the information on your credit report, which comes from one of the main credit report agencies: Equifax, Experian, or Transunion.

The information on your credit reports may change often when lenders update details about your accounts. If you notice a change on the number of your credit ratings, the change is probably directly linked in some way to any of five major factors that affect credit scores:


The balances on revolving accounts such as credit cards are usually an important aspect that influences credit scores. The majority of credit scoring models evaluate the balance of each credit card with the amount of credit (or credit limit) for that particular card. In contrast, high balances credit limits could affect credit scores and are the most common factor that causes credit scores fluctuating. This is referred to by the term “credit utilization” or “credit usage ratio.”

This could affect your credit scores , even if you pay your credit card every month in full. It’s because many issuers will have to report credit balances on credit cards shortly when the cycle of billing of the day that your account is closed. (Your credit card statement lists the date that the account closed for the billing cycle in case you’re unfamiliar with the date.) This reporting date is typically more than the due date for payment which is why it’s not unusual to find the balance reported to differ from the amount you paid after making the monthly payment.

Paying late

Pay history is an important aspect that affects credit scores. Paying late (also known as “delinquencies”) that appear on your credit reports could result in the credit scores to decrease dramatically. Other negative factors such as credit card collections such as charge offs, bankruptcy or collection accounts are also likely to have an impact on your score.

Credit age

An extended credit history is more favorable. When looking at how long the credit background, FICO scores and VantageScores take into consideration when your first account was created and the date that your most recent account was opened , as well as an average of the age for all accounts. Certain scoring models incorporate closing credit card accounts in they calculate credit age, while others do not. So closing a credit card account that you’ve had for a long time may have an impact on this calculation.

Credit mix

A variety of different kinds of credit accounts, which include both credit cards that are revolving, such as credit cards, as well as installment accounts like car loans or mortgages. The closing or repayment of some accounts can impact this aspect even if closed accounts remain as a part of ones credit reports.


If you make an application for credit and you are a credit applicant, your inquiry will appear on your credit report provided by the lender’s company that was utilized for the credit inquiry. The majority of inquiries have little effect to credit score (in between 3- 7 points) However, some questions (“soft inquires”) aren’t a factor in credit scores in any way however some inquiries that are hard (such as mortgages, auto loans as well as student loan) could be classified so that similar inquiries over the same time frame are counted as one.