World War Hulk: which Marvel heroes were on the Hulk’s side

When the Hulk went to war with the Marvel Universe, not all of the heroes stood against him, and four of them made up his team of allies, the Renegades.

Marvel’s crossover in 2007 World War Hulk lives up to its ambitious name. In Greg Pak and John Romita Jr.’s main series and its spinoff, the Hulk waged war on anyone who stood between him and took revenge on the Illuminati, which included most of the rest of the Marvel Universe. The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men all felt the Hulk’s wrath at its craziest and strongest.

Not all Marvel heroes have gone up against the Hulk, however. Some have sided with him and his Warbound. Dubbed the Renegades by Thunderbolt Ross, this quartet tried to stop the Hulk from going too far after battling the world. Now, we take a closer look at these heroes and why they sided with the Hulk.

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Amadeus Cho, the genius of Marvel, the ally of the Hulk

Amadeus Cho being on the Hulk’s side was no surprise. He established himself as one of Bruce Banner’s staunchest allies and later became a Hulk himself. Cho’s connection with Banner and his alter ego began during his first appearance when the Hulk saved his life in the Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa story in 2005. Amazing fantasy # 15.

This bond solidified in World War Hulk. After learning that the Illuminati had exiled the Hulk, Cho was apparently the only person on Earth who believed he was not a killer and could be reasoned with. Cho reunited the Renegades. With his leadership, they were able to minimize the collateral damage to Manhattan during the war, sometimes with the help of the Warbound.

While the Hulk and the Warbound rejected them, SHIELD delegated Cho and his team to continue to mitigate the Hulk’s damage. Cho’s belief that the Hulk was not a killer was justified, but he couldn’t convince him to give up his grudge against the Illuminati in exchange for a sanctuary. The Renegades disbanded after the war, but Cho maintained her partnership with a member of the team.

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Angel felt regret for Marvel’s weirdest team

While the rest of the X-Men fought the Hulk for World War Hulk, one of the founding members of the team was at his side. Cho recruited Angel and Hercules because they were part of the Champions. This super-team once misjudged the Hulk’s attempt to put his cousin, future She-Hulk Jennifer Walters, to safety as one of his rampages and regretted it.

Angel’s main contribution to Cho’s cause was monetary. Anticipating that his funds would be frozen if Angel helped the Hulk, Cho hacked his accounts ahead of time, using them to buy the team an amphibious flyer for transportation. He also bought part of the New Mexico desert to give the Hulk a sanctuary if he could talk to the Hulk. Angel wasn’t happy with that or the way Cho had rejected him as a trust fund baby, but he had lent a helping hand anyway. Angel tried to be the voice of reason, advocating that the Hulk demand justice and not revenge.

Marvel’s Incredible Hercules, Hulk-level Demigod

While Angel was apparently drawn into Cho’s mission, Marvel’s Hercules expressed his intention to make amends with the Hulk. The demigod, and former Avenger, also sympathized with the Hulk’s rage following the death of his wife Caiera the Oldstrong. He had a similar experience in ancient Greece which led to his Twelve Labors.

After the Hulk lost the war, Hercules encouraged Angel and Namora to make the SHIELD amnesty deal. He intended to atone for the bias with the Hulk for the lie that the Illuminati were responsible for Caiera’s death. When his half-brother was tasked with his punishment, Hercules changed his mind and teamed up with Cho to fight him and SHIELD, which led to a long-term partnership between the couple in The incredible Hercules, which ultimately ended with the couple joining an Avengers team.

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Namora brought Marvel’s Atlantean royalty to the Hulk


Namora is the only member of the Renegades with no personal connection to the Hulk. The resurrected heroine of the Golden Age only met the team by chance, when they traveled to Atlantis to seek Namor’s help. He refused to get involved in either side of the conflict with his former Defenders teammate, calling Cho’s plan “moron.”

The fate of the Hulk has personally affected Namora. She too was abandoned by her friends, after being trapped in suspended animation for 50 years. She liked that the Hulk had people supporting him and joining their ranks. His powers allowed him to work in tandem with Angel and Hercules. Sparks flew between her and Hercules, a romance they would pursue in the Incredible Hercules, which made Amadeus a third wheel.

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